by Melissa Ashcraft

Creative Acts of Transformation Family Foibles The final reveal

Finishing your own work can be difficult. Finishing the work of two other accomplished artists can seem impossible.

Unless you’re Aaron Blaise.

The third artist in the three-man exquisite corpse parlor game we hosted as part of our Creative Acts of Transformation, Aaron is an artistic overachiever who does a little bit of everything, from drawing and painting, to illustration and Disney animation. His film-making talents polish off this Family Foibles-themed piece.

Laura Coyle began by creating “Girl on Fire,” which kindled our imagination. Michael Bast then integrated an organic, whimsical landscape to help set the scene. Now Aaron has finished the work by framing it (literally!) in a unique and infinitely engaging way using the Cintiq Companion.

Inspired by the surrealistic creation from the previous artists, the foibles of a multigenerational pair in his current project, “Art Story,” and a rich background in animation and illustration, Aaron is really into art. Just like those depicted in this final piece.

We'll let Aaron explain:

Thanks for hanging out with us, Aaron! We're so grateful for your participation in our Creative Acts of Transformation.