by Melissa Ashcraft

Many hands. One canvas.

Many hands. One canvas

There’s an art to letting go. To turning off the left brain and letting emotion, instinct, the collective unconscious, the muse—the whatever—take the wheel.

But what happens when letting go means literally letting go?

We’ve invited a talented group of artists to take part in Wacom’s Creative Acts of Transformation, our very own exquisite corpse project.

Their assignment: Use the Cintiq Companion or Intuos Creative Stylus to create a work of art. Then let it go. Send it to another artist to add to, tweak, and ultimately transform.

Four teams of three artists will work on the same piece in stages under the holiday themes of “Worst. Gift. Ever.” and “Family Foibles” working remotely yet in community. Finding inspiration. And letting it find them.

It’s a creative act of transformation. Many hands creating the same piece. Many voices telling the same story.

We’ve also invited a handful of world-traveling photographers to capture and edit an image with the Cintiq Companion in the theme of “Traveling Home.”

Follow us here and on social media (#creativeacts4all) for additional insight, artist interviews, videos, and the unveiling of the final works. The results are sure to be inspiring, enlightening and surprising. Just like art itself.

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