by Melissa Ashcraft

Community Under Construction

Wacom Community: Take a Tour and Don’t Forget Your Hard Hat

Welcome to the (almost completely) refurbished Wacom Community. Emphasis on community. We want the community to be a place to help you be more productive, and more creative. Right now, we’re tightening down the screws, sweeping out the corners and finding some loose connections so please pardon our dust, as the saying goes.

Up top you’ll see a bunch of blue tabs. What’s behind the tabs?

  • Blog: Daily posts with tips on staying creative and ways to use Wacom’s products. You might even find some familiar faces from your industry writing guest blog posts and starring in videos.
  • Learning: This is where you’ll find webinars, our newsletters, product tutorials, software partners and upcoming events.
  • Interest: Feature articles about specific industries such as photography, design, videography and game dev to name a few.
  • Spotlight: This is the place our luminaries and customers shine with stories on their professional process and how they find time savings, productivity and that creative boost.
  • Gallery: We’ve partnered with Behance for a Wacom gallery devoted to art created on Wacom tablets. People from all over the world are sharing their illustrations, digital painting, and photography.
  • Store: here’s where you’ll find available Wacom products to keep your creativity flowing.

We want to hear from you. What do you want to see here? What will help you continue to create and innovate? What types of articles do you want to find in our interest section? Who is a luminary in your field? Want to know what makes that person tick? We’ll find out. Are you a customer who uses our product? We want to hear your story.

Have a look around. If you’re looking for a place to start, I recommend the Wacom gallery. If you’re already a Behance member, join the Wacom gallery to share your work. If you’re not a Behance member, sign up. This is an excellent place to see what your peers are creating all around the world. Have a recommendation for a way in which this community can help you? Email us at

Thanks for exploring the community and for helping us shape it up.

-- Melissa, Wes and the rest of the Wacom community team

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