A Digital Cartoon

Patrick LaMontagneIf you’ve followed this blog for any length of time or perhaps attended a Wacom webinar, you’ve most likely seen the work of Patrick LaMontagne. He is a ridiculously talented artist across the border to the North, better known as Canada. Patrick is a full time cartoonist, an illustrator and digital painter. His daily work as a cartoonist is nationally syndicated, and when he isn’t working on his strip, he is creating some truly brilliant images. Patrick is a long-time fan and friend of Wacom’s (and myself) and he is of course an astute tablet user. He’s presented his craft in numerous venues for us, and always puts on a good show. I say all these nice things about Patrick, while I secretly hate him! I mean that in the sincerest way… Tongue in cheek. To know Patrick is to love him. He personable style comes through both in person and his work—both leaving you with a smile on your face. The hatred comes from his natural ability as an artist. Despite his success as an artist, he never received any formal art training. He is entirely self-taught! (See, now you hate him too! Just kidding.) Typical Patrick, brightened my day with this speed painting showing the drawing of one of his recent cartoons.

Want to see and hear more from Patrick? Check out his website at http://www.cartoonink.com and return to the blog next week when Patrick snatches the keyboard out of my hands and “pens” a guest blog post for us. Until then, enjoy the painting! Wes MaggioFollow Wes Maggio on Twitter @westonmaggio and/or Google+