Creative Acts of Transformation Family Foibles Act IV: The Reveal

Art is beauty. Art is truth. Art is expression. And, ultimately, art is the product of and source for inspiration.

With this in mind, we asked Michael Bast, the second of three artists participating in Wacom’s Creative Acts of Transformation Project, what inspired him more: Laura’s previous work or his background in Kraft labels?

Here are the fruits of that interview, as well as his work as the second artist in the “Family Foibles” exquisite corpse. He also gives us a tour of his home studio in Chicago.

The exquisite corpse, created in part with the Cintiq Companion, is now in the capable hands of Aaron Blaise. Aaron is an accomplished Disney artist who is currently directing the animated film, Art Story. We’re eager to see how Aaron is inspired by Michael and Laura. And how he’ll inspire us all.