Wacom G+ Hangouts

Wacom G+ Hangouts

Within the last couple of weeks Wacom has begun holding weekly “G+ Hangouts”: Live video chats with a variety of guests, discussing tablets, workflow, industry experience, art, whatever! Hangouts have quickly proven to be a great source of candid, casual information for aspiring tablet users, and creative people in general.

If you are not familiar with G+ hangouts (Wacom or otherwise) they are really cool. G+ Hangouts is a free service from Google that enables you to host a video meeting with up to nine people. In the case of a Wacom Hangout, we broadcast what is called a “Hangout on Air” where you simply attend a hangout as an audience member, tuning in to watch and listen in on a conversation between a panel of speakers.

So what kinds of guests “hangout” with Wacom?

Folks like Scott Johnson, artist, digital media creator and founder of Frog Pants Studios. Colby Brown, professional photographer, educator and author. Trent Kaniuga, concept artist and creator of Twilight Monk, a graphic novel series and upcoming game title. Those are just a handful of the industry professionals that stopped by (or logged on as the case may be) to hang out.

Scott Johnson

Where can I find a line up of guests? At the time of this writing the best place to find out who’s up next is on our Facebook or Google+. We anticipate adding the list of Hangouts to a new “Online Event” page in the Wacom Community. So be sure to keep an eye on us there too.

How do I attend a hangout? There is no form or registration required to attend a G+ hangout, but we would like to know that you are coming! When viewing the event, simply click on the “Attending”. Doing so will also prompt an email to be sent to you with a link to the event once it starts. By the way, you don’t have to have an account with Google to attend a G+ Hangout. You simply “tune in” using only a browser. No special software is required.

What if I can’t make it to a hangout?

All of our hangouts are recorded and made available on our YouTube channel within an hour or two of the live broadcast. If you can’t make it in person, or you wish to review something that one of our panelists said, you can always watch the video.

G+ hangouts are a welcome compliment to the webinars that Wacom has been hosting for the past couple of years. While webinars are a great way to share tutorial and workflow content, G+ Hangouts are ideal to share a conversation with peers. Perhaps best of all, Wacom Hangouts provide YOU with the opportunity to get in on a conversation with industry professionals. Make it a point to hangout with us!

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