How to Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop in Five Steps

How to Create Custom Brushes in Photoshop in Five Steps

You’re an artist, and every artist has a list of favorite brushes they use as their main staples. In this video, Corey Barker shows you how to modify existing brushes and create your own brush presets, when working in Photoshop. He also shows you how to save, export and share your newly created brushes.

Learn how to create a custom leaf brush inside Photoshop, using the pressure-sensitive pen features of the Intuos tablet. Follow these five easy steps and you’ll be on your way to creating custom brushes you can access quickly, with the click of a pen:
Step 1: Select the lasso tool – this allows you to isolate any leaf image you want to select as your new custom brush.

Step 2: Create a new document - go to the toolbar and select brush tool. Next you will go to brush menu, it should be the last brush. Bring that custom brush to the new document and start using it.

Step 3: Change the brush behavior and angle – This is where you modify the brush. You can do this by going to the “brush options” tab, where you can change the shape dynamics.

Step 4: Adding color - Go to the “color dynamics” function and set the hue jitter, then you can start painting with a color.

Step 5: Saving your brush - Once you have saved it, you can share your brush with someone else or bring it home and use it on a different machine.

Following these simple steps will help eliminating the time-consuming process of recreating brushes.

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This tutorial covers the following elements in Photoshop: Creating custom brush presets, modifying existing brush presets, creating a custom leaf brush, setting up using pen pressure features, using the “lasso” tool, creating a new document, changing the brush behavior and angle, adding color and saving your new brush presets.


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