by Caleb Goellner

September 4: Wacom Makes Your iPad Awesome(er)

Since I started working at Wacom a few months ago, I've picked up on the finer points of the office culture around here. There are folks here who get satisfaction from sanitizer. There are folks here who love to draw. There are folks here who can't get enough meetings. Me? I found out I can get away with wearing sunglasses, a scarf and a beret once in a while. All told, it's a fun group.

But even we have our issues -- especially when it comes to using the office iPads. Like anybody, we've got grimy glass, input issues and other inconveniences to contend with. There's also the matter of not necessarily using the tablet to its full potential or integrating it into a more meaningful workflow. Surely it's meant for more than apps abetting avian anger?

We have good news, though. These issues are about to be left squarely in the rear-view. 

It's time to say goodbye...