by Caleb Goellner

How to Clean up Hair in Photoshop

No matter what look you're shooting for, hair can have a mind of its own when photographed. Fortunately, refining a subject's look doesn't have to be a hair-raising ordeal in postproduction. Have a few strays cramping a given hairstyle? Are there gaps in a 'do that need filling? Phlearn's Aaron Nace offers a simple lesson in how to tame your main mane issues in this tutorial, using Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

Sneak Peek: In this video you'll learn how make a selection using the Pen tool, paint with the Brush tool, change brush settings, utilize Wacom tablet pressure sensitivity, replicate realistic hair, sample and paint with the Clone Stamp tool, take advantage of blending modes, and composite images using layer masks.

Learn how to clean up hair in Photoshop below:



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