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Daniel Lieske

Daniel Lieske

His career took a dramatic turn when his digital graphic novel “The Wormworld Saga” - a project he was working on in his free-time - became a hit on the internet. Today, he creates his stories in a completely digital workflow and publishes them for the world from his home studio.

It's not easy for Daniel Lieske to decide who's living through the bigger adventure – Jonas, the young protagonist of the digital graphic novel hit “The Wormworld Saga” – or himself, the author of it. What is certainly true is that both started their extraordinary journey unexpectedly and without really being prepared for it.

In the dusty attic of his gran's old farmhouse, Jonas discovers a mysterious painting that turns out to be a magic portal to a fantastic world. Without ever wanting to, Jonas finds himself in the midst of an epic struggle of good and evil, as he is the one who carries the key to saving the world. When Daniel Lieske published the first chapter of this adventure on the internet, he didn't expect the overwhelming reaction that suddenly changed his whole life.

Having quit his job in the computer games industry, Daniel Lieske now works as a graphic novel author. In his cozy studio in Warendorf, a small town in northern Germany, he creates the “Wormworld Saga” which can be experienced online and for free. Being able to work on his own story and present it to a huge international audience is a dream come true for the digital artist, and all of this was made possible by the readers. The fans of the “Wormworld Saga” support the project financially and by providing translations of the story. The first chapter can already be read in many languages including Korean, Arabic and Hindi.

The path before him is long and full of obstacles but, being a true pioneer, he is dedicated to staying the distance and seeing the adventure through to a happy end. Which “he”, though? Jonas or Daniel? Well, it's true for both of them. The journey has just begun!

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