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Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman

His self-portrait for the Pioneers of Now campaign expresses how he feels about himself and his work: busy, energetic and colorful, but also a bit tired, confused and messy.

Looking at Jon’s work – and especially at the various developing stages of a project such as his self-portrait – you get a strong feeling that he is still very excited about starting a new piece. Just like him, you never quite know where the blank canvas will lead you (physically and metaphorically) or where you’ll be afterwards.

Now don’t take this the wrong way. It’s a true pleasure to work with Jon – even though he says that for him, work isn’t a science but a battle! Maybe that’s why he needs time and space to think, play, test, sleep, deconstruct, build and eventually produce great results.

Jon exhibits his pioneering work in museums and galleries all over the world, just as he collaborates with famous brands. How easy is it to maintain a Pioneer’s attitude when working with a client? No problem, says Jon, because if you have a smart client then you might just end up with a smart project.

Wacom Evangelist Jon Burgerman lives and works online and in New York.

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