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3D Tools for Artists: A Basic Primer

3d models can be a crutch that keeps you from learning basic skills, but they can also be a powerful tool to take your art above and beyond what would be traditionally possible. Concept artists have been using them for ages as an integral part of their workflow, but they’re still underutilized in other genres.

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A Successful Launch for LightBox Expo 2019

Wacom is very proud to have sponsored the first annual LightBox Expo this past weekend in Pasadena, CA. Hats off to creators Bobby Chiu and Jim Demonakos for dreaming up a brilliant event that brought artists across the globe together for the ultimate celebration of art. LightBox at a Glance Between the bustling booths on the exhibit floor and the panels and demonstrations from industry leaders, there was no shortage of inspiration. The Wacom social team enjoyed attending presentations covering […]

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Photo by Deborah Coleman/Pixar

Visual Storytelling with Pixar’s Scott Morse

“Everything starts with story, and story starts with emotion and the visuals are really an embellishment on top of that. Your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, are memorable not for technical impressiveness of the CG or the linework, but “because they’ve emotionally marked themselves in your brain.” ~ Scott Morse

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Create Appealing Textures with Wacom + MSI + Substance Painter + NVIDIA

(Images in the feature above, from left to right: “Chameleon”, “Ice Cream Truck”, “Onna-bugeisha Helmet” Modeled by Kent Floris, “Greenie Genie” Modeled by Nina Tarasova, Illustration by Alli White) Lead Look Development Artist   Twitter: @iLoveTexture Instagram: @NikieMonteleone Portfolio Website: Discover the art of Nikie Monteleone as she walks us through her creative process […]

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All Things Animation With TheOneWithBear

It’s the final chapter of Sarajean Chung’s (AKA TheOneWithBear) fantastic Clip Studio Paint tutorials. Who’s cutting onions?! :'( Speaking of onions, Sarajean covers all things animation including onion skin, timeline, frames, cels, animation folders and light tables. But wait, there’s more! Sarajean concludes her awesome series with an exciting giveaway! Watch the full video to learn how […]

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shape motif

Good vs Bad Character Design: Tips and Tricks

Professional industry artists, Brent Noll and Maximus Pauson, of the popular YouTube channel BaM Animation break down good and bad character designs using the three fundamentals of clarity: silhouette, palette, and exaggeration.

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MerMay Profile: Tom Bancroft

Header image from Lipscomb University Tom Bancroft is the creator of MerMay and the head judge of our end-of-the-month contest.  Many of our contributors this year have worked for Disney, but he’s the one who’s done it most extensively, working in some capacity on most of their movies of the ‘90s.  Notable accomplishments include designing […]

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