Fire and ice

Fire and Ice

Glitter makeup and beauty retouching by Daryna Barykina “To narrate a story and invite the viewer into my world is my life’s greatest passion,” states Daryna Barykina, a beauty- and self-portraiture-photographer, who specializes in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. Whether she photographs models or uses herself as the subject, Daryna strives to convey a very specific […]

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15 Easy Tips for Better Sunrise Photography

Professional photographer, Anton Gorlin, strives to capture the essence of the moment, and the beauty and wealth of shapes and forms in his photographs. Originally from the Ukraine, Anton currently lives in Sydney, Australia where he runs a successful photography studio specializing in both real estate and landscape photography. Anton has over 200 real estate […]

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How To Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop With a Wacom Tablet

I once heard that there are 4,000 keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop. Now I’ve never counted them all, but I can say from personal experience that there are definitely hundreds. Still, some of the most common things that I do in Photoshop don’t offer a keyboard shortcut. Fortunately it’s simple to create a keyboard shortcut where […]

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Dani Diamond workspace

5 Steps to a 15 Minute Per Edit Workflow

The key to efficiency is mastering a consistent workflow when retouching. When you are consistent, it becomes muscle memory. Not only is the work faster but the output is uniform and a set of images will all have the same toning and look.

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Color grading

Creative Color Grading

Photoshop master, Unmesh Dinda, from PiXimperfect does it again in his video on Shaping the Light with Creative Color Grading. Watch the video to see how he creates his magic with Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

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