Weird Superpowers All Artists (Secretly) Have

Haley Newsome, from the insanely popular YouTube channel, LavenderTowne, hilariously describes the strange superpowers that you develop after you become an artist (beyond the obvious super drawing power). Watch the video below and see how many of these superpowers you have!     What’s your superpower? Crabby Arm Syndrome Useful in arm wrestling scenarios Certain […]

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terrain scans

Expansive Horizons

Creating Worlds for the Entertainment Industry Multidisciplinary artist and art director, Nick Hiatt, has a special superpower: world building. You may have seen his fantastic landscapes in some of the popular films and games he’s created including the ones in Star Wars, Thor, Star Trek, Destiny, Call of Duty, Halo and Lord of the Rings. […]

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Lessons learned

Lessons Learned in Game Art Production

Black River Studio’s Senior game artist, Ricardo Bess, works primarily on the studio’s mobile and VR games. As senior game artist, he’s responsible for bringing the art styles envisioned by the game designers to fruition. He also creates screen mockups, storyboards, animatics, paint-overs, concept art, UI, and level blockings that help both the game designers […]

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Joe Wos

Twists, turns and blind alleys: The journey of a master maze maker

Joe admits that his first experiences at this new career were challenging. “I fiddled around with some ideas and frankly my coloring was awful. I lacked the patience, experience and tool skills to take my work to the level it would need to be. Around this time, I had finished my first book and hired a colorist. I was impressed with her work and asked her what tools she used, and she suggested I try a Wacom tablet. It was love at first sight!”

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Marty Pants: How to Defeat a Wizard

(and how Mark Parisi started to write books)   To do this story justice, we’ll let Mark Parisi, author, cartoonist and all-around-funny-guy tell the story in his own words. Anything else would just not be…Mark Parisi.   How did I end up writing books? Marty Pants: How to Defeat a Wizard is the third book […]

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Basics of Wacom Pen Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure-sensitive features are built right into Photoshop — you just have to know where to find them. When you installed the driver software that came with your Wacom Pen Display or Pen Tablet, all the pressure-sensitive features within Photoshop became available to you. Still, even experienced users don’t necessarily know where these features are. So […]

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Creativity Creates a Scare in the Short Film, Ayuda

It all started with a couple of Macbook Pros and a Cintiq… In November of 2017, Director Patrick Mason and crew made the long, tumultuous trek into the cold, dark woods of Front Royal, VA to shoot an independent short film simply titled, Ayuda. The film, which focuses on two day-laborers who are hired to […]

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Behind the Mask

Christiana Broughton unveils the life of a costume designer   Christiana Broughton, a.k.a. Aunum (the Wampanoag Native American Language word for ‘dog’), is a costume designer, illustrator, animal lover, and Halloween aficionado who’s eager to share her creations with the world and along the way, help others convert their concepts and visions into reality through […]

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Introducing the Sweet Cintiq 16

In 2001, Wacom responded to customer requests for a pen tablet that was as easy to use as pen and paper, but with all the advantages that digital media provides. The first Cintiq, the Cintiq 15x, was born. It was a hit. Heck, it was more than just a hit. It quite literally started an […]

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Set Up Photoshop Hot Keys on Your Wacom Tablet

The initial design phase is all about letting your ideas flow and capturing them digitally, mixing and matching to create the perfect character. Streamline your workflow to create quickly using your Wacom pen tablet or pen display, and the pressure sensitive features of your grip pen. In the video below, the folks at Digital Tutors […]

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How Wacom Enhances Product Design and CAD

Unless you have a side hustle animating the latest Pixar movie, chances are, as a product design or CAD professional, you haven’t heard of Wacom. What you may know, however, is that your current mouse set up doesn’t quite satisfy your workflow. After working with many product design and CAD pros, we’ve found that working […]

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8 Productivity Tips For Your Wacom Tablet

For those getting started with a Wacom tablet, or old pros who want to make their tablets work harder, we combed our YouTube videos for the best tips and tricks to making your tablet bend to your will. Scroll through for 8 productivity tips to unlock your tablet-using potential and make your workflow as productive as you […]

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Add Personality to your Valentine’s with Sofia Warren

We don’t know about you, but we think Valentine’s Day card designs need more personality. We’re over the safe and tried messages Hallmark feeds us. We want passion. We want drama. We want messages between the lines. This year we asked New Yorker cartoonist, animator and comics maker Sofia Warren to draw us a little […]

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7 Digital Painting Mistakes

7 Digital Painting Sins

Whether you’re new to the world of digital painting, or are struggling to perfect your craft, you’ll appreciate this video on what NOT to do (and conversely WHAT do to) to make your digital paintings convey your unique personal style.

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New Pro Pen slim joins Wacom’s professional pen portfolio

Pick up a Wacom Pro Pen 2 and it looks and feels like the real thing. Start using it and you quickly discover just how natural a digital media experience can be.  Suddenly you’re drawing, painting, retouching or writing with a true “pen-on-paper” feel. The pen is the heart and soul of Wacom and its […]

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Wacom Behind the Scenes: Life as a Cartoonist

When people think of Learjets, fast cars and chateaus on the Riviera (are there chateaus on the Riviera?), people often think of not oil barons, but cartoonists. It’s a glamorous life, to be sure. Wacom wanted a behind-the-scenes look at life as a cartoonist, so we asked our friend and professional cartoonist/man-about-town, Jason Chatfield, to […]

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Todo sobre la nueva Wacom Cintiq 16

En 2001, Wacom respondió a las solicitudes de los clientes sobre una tableta digitalizadora que fuera tan fácil de usar como el lápiz y el papel, pero con todas las ventajas que ofrecen las herramientas digitales. Entonces la primera Cintiq, la Cintiq 15x, nació. Fue un éxito, de hecho, fue más que un éxito. Literalmente […]

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Wacom Cintiq 16 review

Test Driving the Cintiq 16 with Pro Illustrator Tad Carpenter

I should start by sharing that I have never used a tablet to draw with in my life. Never. No, seriously, I have never drawn on any kind of tablet before. I am slightly embarrassed about this as a professional designer and illustrator. To say I was nervous to finally try one might be an […]

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Wacom Cintiq 16

Hear What People Are Saying About Wacom Cintiq 16

Artists are loving the new Wacom Cintiq 16 Wacom Cintiq 16 is a creative pen display designed to help you make your imagination come to life in rich color and sharp detail. It comes with the super-responsive Pro Pen 2 – so you can create with incredible control and high accuracy and offers the familiar […]

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Wacom catches the wave in Huntington Beach

Ah, yes. A weekend at the beach in Southern California. Huntington Beach to be exact. Surf City USA. Time to put on the wetsuit, wax up the board and catch the next big wave of cartoonists. Cartoonists? Duh. Certainly, you weren’t thinking about surfing, right? The National Cartoonists Society (NCS) meets every May in a […]

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Ethan draws on Wacom Cintiq Pro 166

Ethan Castillo’s Super Spidey Sense

Wacom has exhibited at San Diego Comic Con for many years, and we’ve had the privilege of being located adjacent to Artist’s Alley, where we can overlook the booths of artists displaying all the amazing art they have created. One particular artist, Ethan Castillo, caught our eye because of his talent, enthusiasm and youth. Now […]

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Digital Inking Basics

Digital Inking Basics in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Good inking means paying attention to your line widths/weights and knowing when to use a bold stroke and when to use a feather light touch. Different kinds of inking styles lead to different effects.

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The show-stopping Wacom Cintiq 22 is now available

Last week, we introduced the Wacom Cintiq 22, a new member of its entry-level family of creative pen displays for art and design enthusiasts, young professionals and passionate hobbyists. Joining the recently launched Cintiq 16, Wacom’s new, larger format creative pen display incorporates the company’s premium pen technology and plenty of screen real estate for optimal […]

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Bigger Canvas, Bigger Creativity: How One Filmmaker Uses the Wacom Cintiq Pro 32

Content: we’re all making it. Whether it’s a Facebook update calling out our high school best friend for that series of hair mistakes, to brands who are constantly pushing authentic-seeming content. Among all of this content, is Psyop, a group of artists who are blurring the lines between advertising and entertainment with their art. Their most recent […]

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Patrick LaMontagne

A tale of two tigers

Digital painter, Patrick La Montagne, was recently faced with an ethical dilemma. After finishing this painting of a white tiger, he learned that wildlife conservation groups were against the breeding of this beautiful animal. Learn how he solved this dilemma and successfully salvaged this wonderful piece of art.

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JP Mavinga

My Journey Home

If you’re going to tell a story, specifically your story, there is no more powerful way to do it, than drawing.

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Start using 3D

3D Tools for Artists: A Basic Primer

3d models can be a crutch that keeps you from learning basic skills, but they can also be a powerful tool to take your art above and beyond what would be traditionally possible. Concept artists have been using them for ages as an integral part of their workflow, but they’re still underutilized in other genres.

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Star in my pocket caricature

Digital Caricatures with STARINMYPOCKET

“I believe the best [caricatures] should be fun and definitely have a likeness to the person. They’re not realism portraits and I love that each artist can draw the same person differently. Some caricaturists do push boundaries to be funny, but for my own style, I try to find a cute and cartoonish balance that I think is both fun and flattering” ~ Sarah Schedler

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Photo by Deborah Coleman/Pixar

Visual Storytelling with Pixar’s Scott Morse

“Everything starts with story, and story starts with emotion and the visuals are really an embellishment on top of that. Your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, are memorable not for technical impressiveness of the CG or the linework, but “because they’ve emotionally marked themselves in your brain.” ~ Scott Morse

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Lynn Chen

Playing with light, color and corgis. The artistry and whimsy of Lynn Chen.

This might sound strange, I like drawing on a Cintiq because I don’t feel the Cintiq… I mean, as a tool, the Cintiq is very well designed and super functional. When creating an image, it serves everything I need. It just works, makes the creative process natural and smooth. I love the fact that Cintiq gives me the urge to draw and create something fun.

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Switching seamlessly between the real world and the virtual one

For the Sydney-based market-leading studio StartVR , incorporating the newest Wacom Cintiq Pro into their workflow was a game-changer. The Cintiq replaced 5 or 6 different devices, from tablet to VR headset and allows for an immersive experience that reduced or eliminated many distractions.

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Bring Color and Texture to 3D Sculpting with Wacom Cintiq and the Substance suite

Limited time only: get six months of Substance suite when you purchase a Wacom Cintiq 16 or a Wacom Cintiq 22. The (creative) devil is in the details. When creating a new building, product or game character, designers and artists who want to draw attention to the details turn to the Substance suite for the finest texturing and material authoring capabilities. In fact, the […]

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Wacom Discount

All the Wacom Discounts and Deals You Can Handle

You want to save money, but your creativity is a hungry beast whose maw won’t stop consuming pens and paint and photo lenses and, most importantly blank notebooks for all of your fantastic ideas. We get it that being creative is expensive and we’re here to alleviate some of that financial pain with all the […]

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The World of Gabby Zapata: Colorful, bright, and fun.

Color can cure sadness, and we all need a little more color these days. This is why we want to introduce you to one of the most vibrant artists we know, the beautiful and talented Gabby Zapata from Los Angeles, California. Gabby is a senior visual development artist for Disney Digital Network and often exhibits […]

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El Mundo de Gabby Zapata: Colorido, alegre y divertido.

Dicen que el color puede curar la tristeza, y todos necesitamos un poco más de color últimamente. Es por eso que queremos presentarte a una de las artistas más simpáticas que conocemos, la bella y talentosa Gabby Zapata de Los Ángeles, California. Gabby es una artista de desarrollo visual para Disney Digital Network y a […]

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Remote Learning: Easy solutions for E-Learning and Remote Teaching from Home

With many schools closed or about to close, teachers, parents and students are looking for quick and easy to implement solutions for e-learning and remote teaching. Here are some ideas to bring classes back online using readily available software tools and platforms, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Zoom and OpenBoard, a free digital whiteboard […]

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The Magic of Vectors: Part 1

TheOneWithBear (aka Sarajean Chung) is back with her Dragon Quest slimes and another handy how-to! In this first episode of a two-part lesson, Sarajean discusses vector basics using Clip Studio Paint, Wacom One and Wacom Cintiq Pro 24. Learn the difference between vector and raster, the capabilities of vectors and how you can use pressure to […]

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The Magic of Vectors: Part 2

Class is not over and TheOneWithBear (aka Sarajean Chung) is back for part 2 of her series on vector basics using Clip Studio Paint, Wacom One and Wacom Cintiq Pro 24.  In this episode, Sarajean covers line texture, connecting, simplifying and drawing lines, pinch lines, and everything you need to know about how to save time turning […]

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Time Saving Features in Clip Studio Paint

Clip Studio Paint expert TheOneWithBear (aka Sarajean Chung) is back with more tricks up her sleeve! In this episode, Sarajean shows you how to speed up your workflow using the Close and Fill and Colorization tools within Clip Studio Paint. Tech she uses: Wacom One Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 Clip Studio Paint You can catch her streaming on Twitch and see […]

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Why Adobe Premiere Pro and Wacom Displays are the Perfect Video Editing Pair

Video editing requires patience, creativity and some more patience. During the editing process, it is the editor’s ultimate goal to enter that relaxed, creative place called “flow.” Sandwiched between those states of flow, issues with a lack of precision or  non-ergonomic workspaces can create frustration or discomfort. Wacom display devices can help. Two Key Pieces […]

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Edvard the Hermit

Evard The Hermit: Through Fears

Creator Roman Gritsuk is a self-taught artist and coder who’s passionate about visual arts and animation. In his day job, Roman makes videos and banner ads for an Estonian financial company, but in his free time, he’s working to bring Evard the Hermit to life.

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Create Appealing Textures with Wacom + MSI + Substance Painter + NVIDIA

(Images in the feature above, from left to right: “Chameleon”, “Ice Cream Truck”, “Onna-bugeisha Helmet” Modeled by Kent Floris, “Greenie Genie” Modeled by Nina Tarasova, Illustration by Alli White) Lead Look Development Artist   Twitter: @iLoveTexture Instagram: @NikieMonteleone Portfolio Website: Discover the art of Nikie Monteleone as she walks us through her creative process […]

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Técnica e suavidade com Fernanda da Silva Silveira

Hoje vamos conhecer um pouco da artista Fernanda Silveira. Que com muita suavidade e talento passa para o papel e digital toda a sua essência. Conte-nos como começou o seu interesse pela arte. Meu interesse pela arte começou desde pequena. Um dia minha avó decidiu começar a comprar cadernos para mim quando eu comecei a […]

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MerMay Profile: Tom Bancroft

Header image from Lipscomb University Tom Bancroft is the creator of MerMay and the head judge of our end-of-the-month contest.  Many of our contributors this year have worked for Disney, but he’s the one who’s done it most extensively, working in some capacity on most of their movies of the ‘90s.  Notable accomplishments include designing […]

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