Weird Superpowers All Artists (Secretly) Have

Haley Newsome, from the insanely popular YouTube channel, LavenderTowne, hilariously describes the strange superpowers that you develop after you become an artist (beyond the obvious super drawing power). Watch the video below and see how many of these superpowers you have!     What’s your superpower? Crabby Arm Syndrome Useful in arm wrestling scenarios Certain […]

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Fire and ice

Fire and Ice

Glitter makeup and beauty retouching by Daryna Barykina “To narrate a story and invite the viewer into my world is my life’s greatest passion,” states Daryna Barykina, a beauty- and self-portraiture-photographer, who specializes in stylized conceptual vivid imagery. Whether she photographs models or uses herself as the subject, Daryna strives to convey a very specific […]

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Jimmy Craig

They Can Talk: A hilarious compilation of 100 animal cartoons

Comic illustrator, Jimmy Craig, the “cat friend” in this video recently published They Can Talk, a hardcover compilation of 100 of his clever, colorful and original comics that give an inside look into the inner thoughts of creatures from across the animal kingdom, from misunderstood sharks and trouble-making bears, to the often complicated relationship between […]

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Seven Tips for Getting Used to a Wacom Pen Tablet

We’ve heard artists describe using a mouse like tying a pen to a bar of soap and/or a rock. Never mind that a mouse has no pressure sensitivity. Even though a pen tablet is more comfortable and offers an artistic experience much closer to traditional media, getting over the learning curve of putting the mouse […]

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Basics of Wacom Pen Pressure Sensitivity

Pressure-sensitive features are built right into Photoshop — you just have to know where to find them. When you installed the driver software that came with your Wacom Pen Display or Pen Tablet, all the pressure-sensitive features within Photoshop became available to you. Still, even experienced users don’t necessarily know where these features are. So […]

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Senor Pelo

Enjoying the Chaotic Ride with Señor Pelo

When you are better known by your YouTube persona “Señor Pelo” (Mr. Hair), than your real name, you know you’re one of the lucky folks who consistently has good hair days. Nix that, incredible hair days. Glorious hair days. Diana-Ross-in-the-1960s-hair days. Separated at birth? The superbly-coiffed David Axel Cazares Casanova (Señor Pelo), is a freelance […]

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Analogue Loaders

Analogue Loaders: A short film by Raphael Vangelis

Analogue Loaders from Raphael Vangelis on Vimeo. Raphael Vangelis is a London-based director who specializes in design-driven animation projects ranging from short films and music videos to TV commercials. He describes himself as an experimenter who is guided by a process, but not married to a system. He is fluent across a variety of mediums: […]

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15 Easy Tips for Better Sunrise Photography

Professional photographer, Anton Gorlin, strives to capture the essence of the moment, and the beauty and wealth of shapes and forms in his photographs. Originally from the Ukraine, Anton currently lives in Sydney, Australia where he runs a successful photography studio specializing in both real estate and landscape photography. Anton has over 200 real estate […]

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8 Productivity Tips For Your Wacom Tablet

For those getting started with a Wacom tablet, or old pros who want to make their tablets work harder, we combed our YouTube videos for the best tips and tricks to making your tablet bend to your will. Scroll through for 8 productivity tips to unlock your tablet-using potential and make your workflow as productive as you […]

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5 Things to Know to Get You Started with Your New Wacom Tablet

For joy! Someone got a new tablet. And you are probably itching to get it out of the box and start using it. Or perhaps you’ve given it a go, but aren’t quite comfortable with it yet. The following sure-fire tips are just what you need to get started with your new tablet. 1. Tablet […]

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7 Digital Painting Mistakes

7 Digital Painting Sins

Whether you’re new to the world of digital painting, or are struggling to perfect your craft, you’ll appreciate this video on what NOT to do (and conversely WHAT do to) to make your digital paintings convey your unique personal style.

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New Pro Pen slim joins Wacom’s professional pen portfolio

Pick up a Wacom Pro Pen 2 and it looks and feels like the real thing. Start using it and you quickly discover just how natural a digital media experience can be.  Suddenly you’re drawing, painting, retouching or writing with a true “pen-on-paper” feel. The pen is the heart and soul of Wacom and its […]

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Color grading

Creative Color Grading

Photoshop master, Unmesh Dinda, from PiXimperfect does it again in his video on Shaping the Light with Creative Color Grading. Watch the video to see how he creates his magic with Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet.

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How to Start Painting Digitally with Painter and Wacom

You’ve seen them standing there with their easels on windswept cliffs and windswept beaches and windswept botanical gardens, quietly capturing the scene with their paints. And you want to be them. Heck, who doesn’t. Or perhaps you are them (we envy you, windswept painter person!) But often the reality of painting (messy paints, awaiting the […]

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Elizabeth Rhodes signs Feminism is for Boys

Elizabeth Rhodes from Wacom Discusses New Book on Feminism

Wacom is surrounded by creativity, so it should come as no surprise that one of Wacom’s own, Elizabeth Rhodes, is about to launch a new children’s book that creatively approaches the subject of feminism. She hopes Feminism is for Boys teaches parents and their children, both genders, that embracing feminism is important for all concerned.

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I Forced Myself to Use a Wacom and It Changed My Life

Thanks to peer pressure, eight years ago, I purchased a Wacom Intuos Pro tablet. A handful of photographers and retouchers I admired were using tablets to edit photos and I was intrigued enough to hit the buy button on Amazon. The tablet arrived two days later, but within 24 hours of use, it was packed […]

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The artistry of Anna Aspnes

Why Size Matters Not

Larger tablets may be the more ostentatious choice with all the ‘shiny’ gadgetry they offer, but smaller tablets with their ease of use, shorter learning curve and less intrusive ‘footprint,’ will always be my preference.

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Small and Mighty, Intuos Pro is Here

Cutting-edge cute. Delightfully darling digitizer. Call it whatever you like, but the new Intuos Pro Small, introduced today, is one seriously portable and powerful pen and touch tablet that will be especially appealing to today’s always on-the-go creatives. To all those naysayers who said, “you can’t take it with you.” Well, guess what? You can. […]

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Wacom y el diseño de moda digital

El año pasado empezamos a ver que muchos de nuestros seguidores compartían sus diseños de moda en línea. El trabajo de estos artistas nos pareció realmente inspirador, ya que demuestra el dominio del detalle técnico, el dibujo, el manejo del color, las proporciones, el movimiento del cuerpo humano, y muchas cosa más. Estos artistas realmente […]

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Cut Out Hair from an Extremely Busy Background

We’ve all tried to cut out a person’s image in Photoshop to replace the background with another. Photoshop does a grand job of it when the subject is on a simple background, but what about when the background is busy? There’s never been a good way to get all the details in the hair perfect […]

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Digital Inking Basics

Digital Inking Basics in CLIP STUDIO PAINT

Good inking means paying attention to your line widths/weights and knowing when to use a bold stroke and when to use a feather light touch. Different kinds of inking styles lead to different effects.

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Adding magic to photos with Allison Olivia Moon

Allison Olivia Moon enjoys documenting life and capturing its fleeting magical and beautiful moments. She’s a modern-day artist and content producer who’s inspired by nature, magic, and fashion. Living in New York City makes it easy to find interesting subjects, situations, and settings to photograph. And she’s always sharing her day’s finds on her Instagram […]

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Pioneering digital universes

Pioneering Digital Universes

Without digital pens, which are the modern wands of today’s magicians, we would still be using the mouse ;  one click at a time, to create art. And some artists still do. But the functionality of the digital pen, has revolutionized the creative field.

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RC Concepcion

Make Great Selections in Photoshop Using Multiple Tools

Many of us have a favorite tool for making selections. Some of the tools work great when the selection is easy to make, but what if the object you want to select is against a complex background? RC Concepcion shows you why you should go to more than one tool to increase your accuracy.

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Start using 3D

3D Tools for Artists: A Basic Primer

3d models can be a crutch that keeps you from learning basic skills, but they can also be a powerful tool to take your art above and beyond what would be traditionally possible. Concept artists have been using them for ages as an integral part of their workflow, but they’re still underutilized in other genres.

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Star in my pocket caricature

Digital Caricatures with STARINMYPOCKET

“I believe the best [caricatures] should be fun and definitely have a likeness to the person. They’re not realism portraits and I love that each artist can draw the same person differently. Some caricaturists do push boundaries to be funny, but for my own style, I try to find a cute and cartoonish balance that I think is both fun and flattering” ~ Sarah Schedler

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The King of osu!

osu! was originally intended to be played with a mouse, but as it became a cult hit, records were broken, and user-created levels got faster and more serpentine, players realized it was easier to keep up with a tablet. “Pen mode” allowed them to instantly pick up and drop their cursor to another part of the screen, and hover tracking made it possible—if you used the x and z keys as substitutes for the mouse buttons—to play without even touching the surface.

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Take Control of the light

Take Control of the Light with Photoshop

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level and learn how to turn a daytime scene into a moonlit one. In this step-by-step tutorial, Unmesh Dinda from PiXimperfect shows you how to to use simple adjustment layers to create advanced lighting effects.

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Wacom Intuos Pro

Digital Painting Tips and Tech from Artist Jeremy Sutton

Wacom had a chance to talk with digital painting pioneer, Jeremy Sutton, about the tech he uses to create his masterpieces. Sutton has found himself painting luminaries such as Richard Branson and performers from renowned groups such as Cirque du Soleil with his Intuos Pro. We asked Sutton about the tools he uses for his […]

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Behind the Scenes with Cinemagraph Artist Ashraful Arefin

There’s something about the magic of a cinemagraph. It could be the juxtaposition of still versus moving elements, or even the subject matter of the cinemagraph itself. But after chatting with fine art photographer Ashraful Arefin, we found that the real magic lies within the process. In this interview, Ashraful talks inspiration, how to capture […]

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Wacom Discount

All the Wacom Discounts and Deals You Can Handle

You want to save money, but your creativity is a hungry beast whose maw won’t stop consuming pens and paint and photo lenses and, most importantly blank notebooks for all of your fantastic ideas. We get it that being creative is expensive and we’re here to alleviate some of that financial pain with all the […]

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Remote Learning: Easy solutions for E-Learning and Remote Teaching from Home

With many schools closed or about to close, teachers, parents and students are looking for quick and easy to implement solutions for e-learning and remote teaching. Here are some ideas to bring classes back online using readily available software tools and platforms, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office, Zoom and OpenBoard, a free digital whiteboard […]

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Digital White Boarding: How to Brainstorm Virtually

Sure…most meetings can be an email. But there’s one type of meeting that requires face-to-face interaction: the brainstorm. While working from home, brainstorming still needs to happen. It’s a break from the tedium of PowerPoint and it’s an opportunity to give our creativity a place to expand. So what do you need to brainstorm virtually? […]

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How to Annotate Documents Digitally

There’s a reason the red pencil endures: it’s the most efficient way to communicate mark ups on a document. Trouble is, you need a printer and a red pencil if you want to truly mark up a doc. If your home office is without a printer, annotating and marking up documents with a mouse takes […]

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Three Photoshop Tips For Beginners

We asked NYC Fashion and Portrait Photographer (and dear Wacom friend, style icon, and person who always makes us smile), Dani Diamond, to share his tips for new photographers. As always, he shared thoughtful, smart and practical ideas. Read on for more from Dani Diamond and follow Dani on Instagram while you’re at it. Dani […]

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