We are very happy to share with you the impressions we had at one of the biggest events in Spain about Japanese Comics: Salon del Manga. A gathering of artists, fans, Japanese culture and of course: cosplays, cosplays, cosplays.

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The XXIV Salón del Manga de Barcelona, organized by FICOMIC, closed this Sunday, November 4, with more than 150,000 visitors, two thousand more than in the last edition that lasted five days, a Manga Salon that has maintained the same space as in the previous edition (75,000 square meters distributed between the five palaces and the square Univers de Fira Barcelona Montjuïc) but has increased by 9% the total number of exhibitors.

Our friends from La Vanguardia  have prepared a video with some really cool cosplays, take a look:

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During the four days, those attending the XXIV Salón del Manga in Barcelona have had the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the universe that makes up the Japanese genre and culture, enjoying a complete programme with activities, exhibitions, screenings, concerts and signatures by authors. The pair of authors Akira Himekawa, known for adapting the videogames of the Legend of Zelda saga; one of the most classic animators of Dragon Ball, Masaki Satô; or the cartoonist Paru Itagaki have been some of the most outstanding guests of this edition. They have completed the list Saisuke Hagiwara, Eiki Eiki, Taishi Zaou, Nagabe, Tatsuo Unemi, Elsa Brants, the former idol Emika Kamieda, singer Nana Kitade, and fashion icon Junnyan, among others.
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Among the exhibitions, the most outstanding was that of Language, Objects and Animals, the macro exhibition that for the first time has gone out of Japan to show the public of the Salón del Manga in Barcelona a compilation of more than 130 original manga, as well as video works and audiovisual installations. The Bandai-Tamashii Nations exhibition, presided over by a giant bust of Mazinger Z, has also been very well received, bringing back to the Salón del Manga a sample of its best products.
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In our Spiderman themed booth (why Spiderman??)  we had the pleasure to host several artists such as Zinkete,  Jape, from 365 bocetos (Spanish youtuber with amazing ideas, tips&tricks to improve your drawings)  and many more. Be alert for our next post in the upcoming dates so you can see a video of our experience. In the meantime, check out talented JAPE teaching you how to draw manga characters: