Playgrounds at Eindhoven: Wacom was there and this is how it went!

We are busy, busy, busy… It’s Festival season and being official sponsor of so many cool events can get a little bit hectic. But we keep bringing you the best coverage of our different events from around the world… This time we were proud sponsors of Playgrounds Festival 2019 in the beautiful city of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands.
The biggest event on concept art & design for film, animation and games in Europe. The world’s leading and inspirational artists and designers meet up in the Dutch capitol of design Eindhoven.

Some of the confirmed artists were:
Nelson Lowry of LAIKA (US / production designer The Missing Link), Loish (NL / illustrator and concept artist, Hori zon Zero Dawn), Patrick O’Keefe (CND / art director Spider – Man: Into the Spider – Verse), MPC (vfx, The Lion King, Jungle Book) Jama Jurabaev (TJK / concept artist, illustrator, Aladdin, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom), Terryl Whitlatch (US / creature designer, Star Wars, Men in Black), Mike Hill (UK/GE / multi – disciplinairy designer, former manager Karakter, Blade Runner 2049, Game of Thrones), John Nevarez (US / character designer, Coco), Ed Hooks (US / acting for animators), Manndy Wickens (UK / anim ation director, illustrator, Disney, Dreamworks), Lip Comarella (IT / vis dev, director for The Mill, Old Man’s Journey app), Izzy Burton (UK / animation director, illustrator, short film Via), Marlies van der Wel (NL / animation director, short film Emily ), Nick den Boer (CND / director/animator, Deadmau5, Flying Lotus, short film The Chickening).
And there was more! Live Sketch sessions by Drink and Draw Berlin, masterclass acting for animators by Ed Hooks, recruitment at the Firestarter Job Market, port folio reviews, Paint – over Sessions , an Art Market and demo’s by artists, expo Sketch with original art work, sketch books and props.
Of course, good food & drinks were always present.
After an amazing edition of The Art Department in Eindhoven on 3 & 4 Oct with almost 2.000 visitors per day, we now are gearing up for The Art Department Berlin! Excited to discover this new creative community! Creativity was flooding the rooms and we were super excited to be there! See you in a couple of days in Berlin




Playgrounds The Art Department Berlin – conference and fest on concept art and design in film, animation and games – 10 & 11 Oct – Vollgutlager Berlin

Dutch festival and visual arts platform Playgrounds will reside in Berlin for the first time with an edition of The Art Department. This conference and fest focuses on concept art and design in film, animation and games. Confirmed artists are Nelson Lowry of LAIKA (US / production designer The Missing Link) Loish (NL / illustrator/concept artist, Horizon Zero Dawn) Patrick O’Keefe (CND / art director Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse) Jama Jurabaev (TJK / concept artist, illustrator, Aladdin, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom) and many more.
No photo description available.
Partner Wacom will be there! At the Wacom booth you can engage in the design contest. Design and print your own tote-bag and win a Cintiq and your design on a limited edition Playgrounds tote-bag! Also: talks and demo’s by Julius Horsthuis en Maarten Verhoeven, paint-overs by Patrick O’Keefe, Kevin Dart, The Line Animation Studio and Leon Tukker!
Special offer for the Wacom community:
30% discount with code
Promo-business19 (note: case-sensitive)

More info and full line-up, click here.

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