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Projection mapping: building a story

By Wacom |
February 19, 2018

The artists of Maxin10sity use projection mapping to tell compelling stories on the front of enormous government buildings, cars, museums, palaces, universities, and at light festivals around the world.
They are driven by passion and creativity which has won them awards for their innovation. So, we wanted to be able to inspire our Wacom community with Maxin10sity´s story. We asked them where they get inspiration from and how they go from concept to design to a fantastic lightshow.
Enjoy the read or watch the video below.

What is Projection Mapping?

Maxin10sity creates light shows using high-class projection mapping on government buildings, cars, museums, palaces, universities, both indoors and out. The unique shapes of the buildings make it a huge challenge to paint them, but lead artist Norbert Birgany thrives off the challenge. “Maxin10sity’s work knocked me off of my feet. I found this type of digital art a new and exciting approach, where the artworks come alive, which makes the building seem alive, as well as creating a monumental atmosphere.”
We asked about some of the projects that Maxin10sity has done in the past, and which were the most challenging or the most fun. “We have done a monumental (at that time world record breaking) mapping for the Facade of the Parliament of Romania. It was about 25.000m2 with 104pcs 20.000 ANSI projectors used at the same time,” he told us, but Birgany has his own personal favourite. “I am really keen on Ancient Greek Mythology, therefore I was so incredibly happy when I got to work on the Legacy show in Karlsruhe.”
At many of the events that Maxin10sity projects lightshows, the company is also the art director or curator of a whole event which gives full responsibility on the artistic part of it.

How does Wacom fit into this?

“I got to know Wacom tools around 2010 when I dived into the mystery of digital art using a first generation Bamboo small,” Birgany explained. “I changed it to the large Intuos Pro the moment that I was comfortable with digital painting. With the Wacom Cintiq, doors were opened to new possibilities, and I started to establish my own little world. It offers me infinite opportunities during the creation process.”
Part of the process for creating the lightshows involves using a 3D rendering of the building they will project on, which Birgany uses to design the images and animations. During the design process, he needs to make sure that the images tell the story that Maxin10sity wants, as well as using the quirks of the building to their full potential.
It’s challenging work, and he relies on his tools to ensure that the project is a success. “Our show for the iconic TV Tower in Berlin is a great example, as in one scene we “built” a fairytale Castle Tower through digital painting. The aspect ratio and the fact that I could physically rotate the Cintiq really eased the process.”

Huge Milestones

Two of Maxin10sity’s largest milestones were working with Audi on the Audi Late Light Show and being invited to create shows at Karlsruhe for three years running.
The Audi Late Light Show aimed to express Audi’s gratefulness towards its employees and the habitants of Ingolstadt for making the creation of the new Audi A5 Coupe happen. This 10-minute-long show lit up the 2,300-square-meters Audi Forum building by using 35 pieces of 40,000 ANSI lumen projectors. The event won many awards, and was even honored as the Most InAVative Live Event at the InAVation Awards in Amsterdam 2017.
There are huge milestones connected to Karlsruhe because of being able to create breathtaking shows. Initially, they worked on the 300th Anniversary of Karlsruhe in 2015, but this was followed by a fantastic show in 2016 in collaboration with the Badisches Landesmuseum with the title of ‘Legacy’, and most recently a show called Structures of Life in 2017.
For the show ‘Legacy’ in 2016, Birgany got to work with one of his favourite themes, ancient Greek Mythology. “I had to create a Greek vase from the building, which was a bit difficult to be honest, because I had to consider all the little elements, details of the given building instead of treating it as a flat canvas, in order to have the painting visible.
Obviously, I had high expectations regarding this part, so all the great opportunities of the Cintiq were extremely useful. I really like that with the Cintiq I can add my unique approach, my individuality by having my own little lights, brushes, textures, etc., in brief my style.”

Timeless Tales

Maxin10sity debuted in the US at LUMA Light Festival 2017 in Binghamton, NY, where Birgany’s work was projected onto the façade of the historic treasure Carnegie Library. The animation was based on the title Timeless Tales, and aimed to remind adults of long-forgotten fairy tales by evoking their childhood, while introducing the epic stories to the new generation.
Birgany worked together with other creative artists to bring the show to life. “I adored painting the Gingerbread House (from Hansel and Gretel), the scene from Aladdin and also creating the Little Mermaid’s mystical underwater world in my style.” The stories of Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Sleeping Beauty and the Snow Queen also appeared in the show.
“We started the entire process from sketches, then after completing the concept moods, the entire work could start. From this point András Sass, the creative director, and László Czigány, the Art Director gave me space to create it on my own.
When it comes to this point, I sit in front of Cintiq, grab the pen and the essential headset/ headphones so this way I can focus from the first stroke till the finish. The pen gives such a natural feeling, which I really need since I’m coming from the traditional world and I also still create this type of traditional art. It can make the creation process so enjoyable that you don’t even realize you’re working.”
Approaching the show from technical point of view: it’s based on digitally painted 2D pictures using Wacom Cintiq and Intuos Pro tablets that are amplified with 3D effects, and the projection was made all the more vivid by animating certain parts so each scene results in a fantastic animation.

Any tips for aspiring artists?

“I’m a perfectionist, which can be a disadvantage in most cases, I know. I can drive people around me crazy by this, but I believe in art there is a need for that. Demanding artwork cannot be established without perfectionism. Although, of course there should be a limit… you need to know the point when it is really finished. But I still have so many things to learn within the world of digital art and projection mapping.”

Places projected

iMapp 555 – Bucharest Parliament – 20/09/2014
Palace of Karlsruhe – Legacy – 07/08/2016
Projection Mapping on Bolshoi Theatre – 27/09/2015
2015 Art Vision Projection Mapping Competition as part of the annual Circle of Light Moscow International Festival.
HAILstorm! – Projection Mapping on Rackham Building – 27/10/2017
Maxin10sity made the final act of the Bicentennial celebrations of the prestigious University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, USA
Palace of Karlsruhe – Structures of Life – 02/08/2017
FINA Budapest 2017 World Championship Opening Ceremony Projection Mapping on Buda Castle – 14/07/2017 (Hungary)
Projection Mapping on National Museum of Art Bucharest – 01/05/2017

About Maxin10sity

The company Maxin10sity was established in 2014 by multi-award winner 3D mappingartists: László Czigány and Andras Sass together with internationally experienced sales specialist: Tamás Vaspöri.
The creation of Maxin10sity is a result of passion and intensity. Passion for projection mapping and an intense desire to find new forms of creative design. Maximum intensity in artistic ideas, modern technology, award-winning expertise and international business.
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