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Wacom and Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2018

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Trojan Horse Was a Unicorn or simply THU is a one of a kind event.
Creatives from the 3D, VFX, Games, and Concept Art industries come together to exchange ideas, share their experiences, talk about careers, discuss projects and learn about their trade and industry. It’s a unique and energetic six-day experience which attracts about one thousand people, individual art students, freelancers, teams and companies from around the globe.

THU 2018 – Family Photo

Founded by André Louis in 2013, it turned into one of the largest events of its kind in Europe. The first few years it took place in Portugal, this year it moved to Malta. It’s impressive new home, the St. Elmo Fort and the former St John’s hospital, now the Mediterranean Conference Centre, were both originally built by the Knights of Malta.
THU is buzzing with creativity! Everybody seems to be running around with their sketchbooks and portfolios in hands to share and discuss their work with other creatives. Artists, including big names from the leading studios, share their stories and experiences in inspirational talks and masterclasses artists and teach their techniques and tricks. THU has a very relaxed and communicative vibe to it which catches on fast. No wonder that some of the best digital art companies in the world use it for recruitment. This is the perfect opportunity to see and be seen.

Miguel Oliveira – Point and Shoot – people sketching at THU

The Gallery is a place where digital arts and fine arts meet. At the Gallery, you can be a part of drawing sessions with art models, hands-on workshops and live demos. Improve your skills and sketch away! It is housed in the great ward of the medieval hospital, one of the largest halls in Europe. Here, artists are encouraged to go back to basics with good old-fashioned drawing sessions with art models, hands-on workshops and live demos to improve skills or simply sketch away.
The Gallery is also the place where the always popular Overpaint sessions on the big Cintiq Pro 24 pen display take place. The established artist will lead younger ones through a session of portfolio improvement. They paint over some of the attendees’ portfolios while sharing experiences and giving advice. It never fails to impress as it is both visually impressive and entertaining to watch.

Art Battles at THU 2018 and Power Ranger studying a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24

Wacom shares the passion for art and creativity and has supported THU throughout the years. As part of the ongoing partnership Wacom provides professional equipment for artists and speakers. Besides several units of the Cintiq Pro 24 and MobileStudio Pro 16, this also included 40 Intuos Pro which were used for the popular and always fully booked workshops with Jana Schirmer, Marc Simonetti and Eduardo Gonzales.
Check out www.trojan-unicorn.com for a more information and to book your tickets for next year.

See you at #THU2019!


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