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Wacom at Adobe MAX – celebrating a powerful software-hardware combination

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Adobe has set the scene for digital creativity. Ever since, it puts joy and effort into realizing their vision “Creativity for all.”. Accordingly, Adobe is a close partner of Wacom for many years working together to generate exclusive experiences and features for creatives. Adobe, as the top of the line software provider and Wacom, as the provider of dedicated creative hardware – these two make a dream team, which is topped by the latest news at Adobe MAX.

Adobe MAX announcement on Fresco, Windows and Wacom

At its annual partner event, Adobe MAX, taking place this year at the Los Angeles Convention Center in California from November 4th – 6th, Adobe shared some great news. Some of you might have already heard about (or even tested) the seemingly limitless creative software Adobe Fresco. Now, Adobe Fresco is exclusively available for selected Windows devices as well.

Adobe Fresco exclusive for Windows devices like Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 & 16

We are very proud our Wacom MobileStudio Pro products belong to a short list of exclusively selected devices compatible Adobe Fresco now (check out the list below). To us, this is pretty great news to share with you. Because we wanted to show the world, how well the Adobe Fresco software performs on our devices, we hosted a kick-off event for Adobe MAX and asked Jason Scheier, art director for Alcon Animation’s first feature film, Darkmouth, to demonstrate this creative software on our new Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16.
Perhaps you have already seen some videos showing how to work with Adobe Fresco before. And now imagine what you could do with it on a Wacom MobileStudio Pro. Do you also feel this sensation? If you want to belong to the first to experience this effective combo, it’s about high-time you get started.
In case you already have one of the selected compatible Surface products at home, how about kicking up a notch with a dedicated Windows Ink supporting pen like the Bamboo Ink Plus? As Wacom #ComesWith more benefits, make sure to also check out our current offers to unleash your creativity – just as you need it.

These Windows devices are compatible with Adobe Fresco

Currently (November 8th 2019), these selected Windows devices are compatible with Adobe Fresco:

  • Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13
  • Wacom MobileStudio Pro 16
  • Surface Pro 4 – 6
  • Surface Book 1 & 2
  • Surface Studio 1 & 2
  • Surface Go

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