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October 27, 2019

Have you ever been to the LUCCA Comics and Games Festival? It actually belongs to the biggest creative events we have in Europe – so visiting it once in your lifetime as a digital artist should be considered mandatory. This year it takes place from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November in Lucca, Italy. Want to know more about LUCCA?
Just click on the link and go to the LUCCA Comics and Games website. And with this link you could directly go to the festival’s program. If you want to know what will be expecting you at our booth – read on.

A lot happening at Wacom – stand NAP325

Wacom Stand Visual by Lorenzo Ceccotti
There will be a great cast of artists each day, as well as a design contest at 17:00 o’clock, where you could win a Wacom Intuos. If you are at the event, here are just some live-demo artist tidbits you will be seeing at our stand:
Giulio Mosca, aka Il Baffo, is the creative director and co-founder of Fanceat. Because he is too hungry for just one position, he works as a freelance motion and graphic designer, too. Have you heard of the comic “A Panda piace” or “The Sound of the World by Heart”? Giacomo Bevilacqua is the great artist behind – meet him at our booth. When? Just open up our preliminary program below. Rita Petruccioli is a well know comic book artist and illustrator, whose remarkable illustrations have found their way into books, magazines, textile designs and advertising.
Meet Fraffrog & Richard HTT at out boot – two very famous Italian Youtubers, who also create illustration and art tutorials. Arianna Rea is an illustrator, character designer and comic book artist at Disney and a teacher at Scuola Romana dei Fumetti (a school for comic-book artists in Rome).
Want to encounter some Marvel artists? Sara Pichelli is the creator of a character of Spiderman into the Spiderverse and Giada Marchisio is coloring artist at Marvel.  Lorenzo Ceccotti actually created our booth’s visual this year and did a tremendous amount of visuals for the LUCCA Comics and Games last year (more info at the bottom of this post). He is a very versatile digital artist working in fields of graphic design, motion graphics, animation, illustration and narrative design. Want to know more about him? Wait for the upcoming post.

Check out the program at our booth

These are just some great digital artists, to name a few. There are many more waiting for you. Curious about a rough schedule of when to meet and watch which artist at our booth?

Just open up the overview
Wednesday’s lineup (30.10.):
  • 12:00 Federica di Meo – Somnia
  • 14:00 Athos Boncompagni
  • 15:00 Giada Marchisio
  • 16:00 Mario Del Pennino
  • 17:00 Giacomo Bevilacqua
Thursday’s lineup (31.10.):
  • 10:00 Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • 11:00 Paolo D’Altan
  • 12:00 LRNZ – Lorenzo Ceccotti
  • 14:00 Arianna Rea
  • 15:00 Christian Cornia
  • 16:00 Rita Petruccioli
  • 17:00 Emiliano Mammucari
Friday’s lineup (01.11.):
  • 10:00 Athos Boncompagni
  • 11:00 Marianna Forti
  • 12:00 Paolo Maddaleni
  • 14:00 Bianca Burzotta
  • 15:00 Fraffrog & Richard HTT
  • 16:00 Gloria Pizzilli
  • 17:00 Emanuele Ercolani
Saturday’s lineup (02.11.):
  • 10:00 Federica di Meo – Somnia
  • 11:00 Andrea Mancini
  • 12:00 Athos Boncompagni
  • 14:00 Daria Cerchi
  • 15:00 Emanuele Ercolani
  • 16:00 Giada Marchisio
  • 17:00 Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • 18:00 Boban Pesov
Sunday’s lineup (03.11.):
  • 10:00 Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • 11:00 Giulio Mosca (aka Il Baffo)
  • 12:00 Emanuele Ercolani
  • 14:00 Sara Pichelli
  • 15:00 Federico Bertolucci
  • 16:00 Sergio Staino & Michele Staino

Wacom artist live-demo sessions at Med Store Lucca

In case you are in town and you just do not have a ticket – here’s a great tip where to go to get some feeling of the event:
Just visit the Med Store Lucca, located in Via Vittorio Veneto 16. At around 11:00 o’clock and 15:00 o’clock. You will meet artists there, talking to you showing you some live-demo. Interested?

Then click to see the overview

Wednesday (30.10.)

  • 11:00 Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • 15:00 Mario Del Pennino

Thursday (31.10.)

  • 11:00 Federica di Meo – Somnia
  • 15:00 Athos Boncompagni

Friday (01.11.)

  • 11:00 Daniele Danko Angelozzi
  • 15:00 Christian Cornia

Saturday (02.11.)

  • 11:00 Emanuele Ercolani
  • 15:00 Athos Boncompagni

Sunday (03.11.)

  • 11:00 Emanuele Ercolani
  • 15:00 Federica di Meo – Somnia

Hint: If you are hungry for the event, but cannot be there, you might want to check on Youtube or Twitch every now and then. Just keep in mind, not everything could be covered here and you could miss our program.

Special mention:

Perhaps you recall last years’ flyers?
LuccaC G 2018 Made in Italy Poster GIF LIGHT
Guess who created them? Lorenzo Ceccotti. What made them so special? All of them were one of a kind artworks – i.e. 350.000 unique artworks that went on catalogue covers, tickets, maps, advertising media and art prints. How could one artist achieve all this in a lifetime?
Lorenzo told us, he designed a special piece of software that could generate all these great artworks following his rules – pure genius. And now guess who creates the artwork for our booth at LUCCA Comics and Games this year? Yes, you’re right, the fabulous Lorenzo Ceccotti. Meet him at out booth on the 31st of October around midday. And don’t forget to read our upcoming blog post, where he gives us some in depth answers to our questions.

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