Wacom's Deep Dive Interview with Zeen Chin

Zeen Chin is a very talented artist who masters the graphic arts in 2D and 3D.
We have gathererd a series of questions in this interview so you can deep dive into his mind and have a glimpse of how his creative mind works.

1-Thanks for having us. We love your work, tell us a little bit about your development and studies.
-I’m a self-taught artist and started my career as a 2d animator for 5 years. I always wanted to be an illustrator and concept artist so every time when I have time I will keep practicing to improve myself. After all the practicing and preparation, I got my first job as illustrator and concept artist. This is how I get into this industry.

2-You seem to be pretty skillful in several art styles, how is it managing different styles and brushes?
-I don’t think I can manage different types of style, but I will differentiate my personal project and job. For personal, I will draw whatever I want based on my own preferences, as for job, I will try to follow the art direction based on the project. Usually I use 1 brush most of the time.

3-Which one is your favorite and why?
-It is hard for me to choose, I love all of them as I put lots of effort in every piece of my artwork

Zeen Chin working on his Wacom Cintiq Pro

4-What inspires you?
-I love to draw since I was a kid. WhenI i came across digital painting someone showed me Master Katsuya Terada artbook, it brings me to a whole new world for a kid who only draw dragon ball before. This is how I get inspired and motivated to be like him one day.

5-Can you recommend any tips to upcoming artists looking up to your art?
-Practice makes perfect and being passionate, there are no other ways.
6-Tell us about your favorite music. What do you listen to when drawing?
-1.Omnipotent Youth Society 2. Sigur Ros 3.Ghibli Studio Soundtrack 4. deca Joins 5. Summer Salt

Focus, focus, focus πŸ˜‰

7-Ok, TOP 5 movies. GO!
1- Forest Gump (for sure!!),2- The Legends of 1900, 3- Life of Pi, 4- Days of being wild, 5- An elephant sitting still.
8-How do you manage your creative process? Any creative blocks suggestions?
-Read and see more, it can be from comics or even words from a book, walk out from your house, anything that you experience can become a material of your creativity.

9-Any last comments for our readers, Zeen?
-Enjoy your life, peace πŸ™‚
Thank you so much for your kind answers! In Wacom, we love your work!
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