Who will be the winner of winners? Roca’s Master Design Challenge

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Have you heard about the One Day Design Challenge? It takes place every year in different cities around the world since 2012. It aims at students and professionals under the age of 30 in the fields of design and architecture, the background of the organizing company – Roca. The challenge? Design original and innovative products related to bathroom space in just one day. Pretty tough, but these designers made it in the past editions. Currently the national winners of 2019 fight for the global prize in the Master Design Challange taking place from the 20th to the 22nd of January in Barcelona.

What is the Master Design Challenge?

This grand world final is taking place the first time this year. The winners of all 2019 editions of the Roca One Day Design Challenge will gather in Barcelona and participate in three days of activities and tests based on innovation, creativity, design and sustainability. Each test and activity is rated rated by renamed judges and participants will receive points respectively. These points will be accumulated in the end. The one, who has collected most points, will be the winner of winners 2019! If you want to know more, check out the rules.

Who will be the judging?

  • João Bessa, designer and founder of BESSA
  • Josep Congost, Roca’s Design and Innovation Director
  • Kenneth Koh, founder of Quarters Architects
  • Isabel Pintado, Regional Managing Director at Wilson Associates
  • Vladimir Pirozhkov, president of the ‘Astra Rossa’ industrial design and innovation center
  • Isabel Roig, general director of BCD (Barcelona Centro de Diseño)
  • Xavier Torras, Roca Brand Communication Director

This jury is backed up by a team of experts, who will test the contestants with different activities and challenges throughout the Master Design Challenge. These experts are:

  • Nicanor Garcia, architect and photographer specialised in architecture and travel
  • Valérie Bergeron, Materials Library Manager at MaterFad
  • Robert D. Thompson, engineer and industrial designer, scientific director at MaterFad
  • Guillem Camprodon, Research Director at Fab Lab Barcelona
  • Victor Barberán, Software Senior Developer at Fab Lab Barcelona
  • Xavier Dominguez, Future Learning Unit Action Researcher at Fab Lab Barcelona

What’s to win?

The winner of winners gets to attend the Boibuchet Design and Architecture School at Lessac, France, this year to level up their skills. Moreover, the winner will receive a cash prize amounting to 3.000 €, as well as valuable technical equipment like a BenQ monitor for graphic design with a value of 1.190 €. Also, Wacom sponsors the winner with a Bamboo Slate worth 129 €, which provides a lot of possibilities for industrial designers to improve their creative process especially during the project and sketch stages of their workflow.


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