One of the artists that have excelled his own, is undoubtedly antCGI. We have observed his growth and development as an artist: going from rough sketches to actual masterpieces and owning his own style.
Aquatica Final
“I’ve been painting for a few years now and I get asked about my process all the time. So in this video, I talk you through the steps I took to improve my painting skills as well as offer advice on how you could improve your own”.

Industry veteran Antony Ward, author of Game Character Development in Maya (2004), Game Character Development (2008) and 3D Modeling in Silo (2010). antCGi boasts over two decades of experience in digital media, as well as a vast suite of courses available through Digital Tutors, 3DWorld and CGTuts+. It’s with this backbone of knowledge and expertise that antCGI supplies quality digital art, game art, animation, rigging, scripting, and tutoring services to a wide range of clients. Using, of course, his Wacom gear.

He also has a variety of skills to offer, all of which are listed below and can be found in more detail by visiting his Services page.

  • Character & Vehicle Creation for Game, TV and Film.
  • Full rigging services, (using Maya) for anything including characters, creatures and vehicles.
  • Tool Creation, (using MEL) to help you speed up your workflow, and automate complex tasks.
  • Animation of your characters, creatures or vehicles using Maya or 3DStudio Max.
  • Other Digital Artwork assets for 2D games, illustration or print.

As well as asset creation he also offers the following services

  • Consultation for game development, pipeline development, or general 3D content creation and animation.
  • Tutoring and mentoring service either in person or via Skype.
  • I am also available for guest lectures or on-site training.
  • I have experience with all major platforms, and am fully versed in popular asset management applications.

Take a look around his website and find out why antCGI is doing great things!
Bonus Tutorial
In this five-part series, we will be looking at using Maya’s utility nodes to create a detailed facial rig, while also using a combination of joints and blendshapes. In this final video, we add more functionality to the rig using the blendColors and multiplyDivide nodes. This tutorial was originally featured in issue 211 of 3DWorld magazine.

Thank you, you Legend @antCGI.!