Hi end creations, excellent textures, spot-on composition, submersive atmospheres, hyper-realistic sceneries, great rendering, obsesive atenttion to details, and the list could go on, and on… Take a look at some of the work it takes to create a high-end short film like this:

“Relicts” is a 3D animated horror short film, a dark story set in a remote village lost somewhere deep in snowbound woods. It follows a day of a young woman who by a mere accident discovers that her settlement has gone completely abandoned… and as she faces the gruesome truth behind this fact, in an instant, her quiet life turns into a nightmare with no chance to escape.


An atmosphere of bone-chilling isolation is drenched in an occult vibe with a scent of long forgotten mysteries.

Meet the team. These amazing minds are responsible for such a master piece.



The movie is being created by a team of artists from all around the world. Most of us use Wacom tablets as an essential tool for a wide range of professional tasks – from concept art and digital sculpting to hair/fur grooming and painting skin deformations. Some of us turn to a tablet instead of a mouse for many regular interactions with a computer as well (and let’s be honest, we often even eat and sleep on it!)

man stare



Big and small, old and new, Wacom tablets take part in many steps of our digital creations. We usually start with sketches and concept art that are painted digitally, then sculpt these objects and characters in digital “clay” that is absolutely unyielding without a stylus. Painting surface colors and details obviously requires a tablet, while our hair and character setup artists say they’ve got used to styling and handling their work with stylus so much, that there’s no chance they can do that with a mouse anymore.




Lighting, compositing and adding finishing touches to stills and sequences also benefit from a stylus in a hand… Even giving directorial comments often involve some scribblings done invariably with the help of the tablet. Simply put, Wacom tablets are deeply integrated into our workflow and don’t plan to go anywhere.

You can see more info on our short film production by following these links: