Bamboo Sketch Review by AntCGI

July 2, 2019

Here is a review of our talented friend antCGI. Enjoy
When it comes to digital painting I’m truly spoilt because I get to use a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 each day. With over 8,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, many people do wonder if you can even tell the difference between this, and a device with a fraction of those levels.
I can confirm that you can, especially when you shade the way I do. I rely on the lightest of strokes to build up my tones gradually and having tested a number of devices I’ve felt first-hand that the numbers do matter.
The problem is, when it comes to painting on a mobile device, I feel like I ‘m being held back because I can’t achieve the same effect.
I recently reviewed the Wacom Bamboo Fineline 3 stylus which has over 1,000 levels of pressure sensitivity, and this worked well. It felt nice to use when sketching on my iPhone or iPad, but I could still feel the pressure wasn’t what I was used to.
I decided to move on and try the next stylus up which is the Wacom Bamboo Sketch. Now, this is more expensive, but it does boast double the amount of pressure levels as well as two configurable buttons and it also comes with a nice carry case too.
Will these extra features bring my mobile painting closer to what I can achieve on my desktop?