Animation contest with Wacom & TVPaint

In 2021, our partner TVPaint Animation, the 2D animation software, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. For this reason we have teamed up for an animation contest. Between Oct 1st and Oct 24th, post one animation on how you remember - or imagine -  the 90's on your Instagram account. TVPaint will select the best 10 animations on October 27th. All information on how to participate, terms&conditions of TVPaint and most important – ...

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Fecha de vencimiento: 16 de junio de 2021 Premio: Wacom Intuos Pro M Participantes: Estudiantes de arte y profesionales de la fotografía residentes en el continente Europeo Temática: (Libre) Fotografía artística Categorías: Estudiante / Profesional Inscripción: Gratuita CONDICIONES: El participante debe leer y aceptar todos los términos y condiciones de esta página.El participante tiene que ser mayor de 16 años para participar en este concurso.El participante de la categoría Estudiante tiene que estar cursando actualmente una carrera, ...

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Wacom wins Innovation in Media Award

We are delighted and glad to be part of this fantastic initiative along with our partner: GoToClient. Wacom has always been a Technology Leader and when the covid pandemic shifted the world to a more digital environment, we offered the best of our services and products in order to bring solutions to the persons in need of distance teaching and online classes.We won the Internationalist for Innovation in Media Awards with ...

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Contest time for Adobe’s Substance Painter: Meet MAT 2: The 3D Painting Contest

We're in the middle of the Substance Painter's contest, guys. Haven't heard of it yet? Well, here's your chance to explore a new software, learn some new skills and even win some great prizes. In case you don't know, what Substance Painter is, we'll give you a short summary, before we introduce the task and eventually reveal what's to win. Curious? What's Substance Painter? If you're into 3D creation, you have certainly ...

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Seize the opportunity to win – the International Comic/Manga Schools Contest 2020

Student’s listen up! This is your chance to win! Celsys has started their annual international comic & manga schools contest and they have some sweet awards and prices for you to win. Want to know which prices? We’ll eventually get there, let’s first check out what to align with in order to participate, before you start creating, shall we? And to give you some inspiration, we'll sprinkle last year's winner ...

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Who will be the winner of winners? Roca’s Master Design Challenge

Have you heard about the One Day Design Challenge? It takes place every year in different cities around the world since 2012. It aims at students and professionals under the age of 30 in the fields of design and architecture, the background of the organizing company - Roca. The challenge? Design original and innovative products related to bathroom space in just one day. Pretty tough, but these designers made it ...

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Advent Calendar [1] – #ComesWith surprises

In Europe, many of us start the count-down to Christmas today - commonly known as “Advent Calendar”. Traditionally, you would have a box with 24 numbered windows or doors and you would open one each day to get some sort of gift, like a beautiful image or poem, a toy or chocolate. With the Wacom version, each door #ComesWith a surprise. Check out our Instagram account or this blog each day ...

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