Verwandle deine Bamboo Paper App in ein Malbuch

Ausmalen und zeichnen macht Spaß und fördert die kreative Entwicklung von Kindern. Mit Bamboo Paper und den wundervollen Büchern aus dem Tessloff Verlag gelingt das so einfach wie mit einem echten Stift auf Papier - überall und jederzeit. Gemeinsam mit dem Tessloff Verlag bieten wir für die Wacom App Bamboo Paper Auszüge aus den Kindermalbüchern zum kostenlosen Download. Dabei stehen zwei Malbücher zur Verfügung: table, td, tr, img {border: none;} Viele schöne Mandalas (für ...

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7 Hand-Eye Coordination Exercises for Artists

Transitioning from pen and paper to a drawing tablet can sometimes feel like a frustrating experience. Like any new skill, there will always be a bit of a learning curve at the beginning and you will inevitably have to spend a lot of time practising the basics.   When I first started drawing digitally on my Intuos Pro, I couldn’t quite get the strokes like I wanted them and I felt very discouraged. However, after doing some research I ...

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Free Three-Months Boris FX Suite Offer for Wacom Customers: a glimpse into Boris FX

One of the great advantages that I have found after buying Wacom tablets is that they come with a lot of free trials of many of the programs that I’ve wanted to test out. In fact, whether they are programs for painting, designing or learning, it has always been really useful to try them before making any final decision. More recently, Wacom has added a free 3-month subscription to Boris FX Suite when purchasing Wacom ...

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Meet the Speakers: The Artists behind Wacom’s Manga & Anime Days 2021

  Once again, fans around the world rejoiced as Wacom put together another amazing summer event dedicated to the beautiful art form of manga and anime. In collaboration with Pixiv and Clip Studio Paint, Manga & Anime Days 2021 delivered three days of unique online presentations, workshops and career advice by some of the industry’s top creatives.   From learning how to put together a manga page, to getting your portfolio reviewed live by professionals, the success ...

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Back On Track

We’ve all heard the phrase “back to normal” thrown around as the world impatiently tries to revert to what it was before the pandemic, yet, while restrictions are slowly lifted, it’s safe to say that Covid-19 has changed life as we once knew it. However, this also gives us a golden opportunity to reflect on what we have learned during lockdown and how we can thrive going forward in this ...

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Creativity On The Go!

Since the pandemic began, the world has increasingly adjusted to the idea of working remotely, but for many freelancers working from their home studio has been common practice for a while. When it comes to my personal experience as an illustrator, I am no stranger to working on the go, so I wanted to share my experience and why I believe that I have found the best drawing tablet for ...

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10 Manga Artists You Should Follow

One of the best things about the world of Manga is that there are an endless amount of styles and stories. While western comics gravitate towards creating an overarching narrative, manga tends to focus on the story behind the individual character. Most artists who illustrate manga develop a strong personal style and technical skills to tell these character stories, and they increasingly use social media to share their work with ...

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A Brief Look Into The History Of Manga

For years, manga has been celebrated all around the world and has played a big part in Japan’s cultural identity. These illustrated and immersive storybooks range in style and genre and are suitable for readers of every age. Manga makes up a substantial chunk of Japan’s economy and, with fans spread across the globe, remains a major cultural export. Yet, what many people may not know is how the origins ...

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What is Mechanical Design in Manga and Anime?

We all know that Japanese culture has always had a deep fascination with robots and technology, as displayed throughout the years in a lot of its media. This interest is particularly visible in Anime and Manga, where representations of technology are so persistent that it has been assigned its own genre, as well as its own designated artists. Mechanical designers are artists who visualize and create the look of the subject ...

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Wacom Presents: The Heartists (part 2)

This spring Maya and Yehuda Devir, creators of the popular webcomics One of Those Days, released a new YouTube mini-series called The Heartists, made in collaboration with Wacom and Deviant Art. Over the years, Wacom has cultivated a strong friendship with the Devirs, who has hosted multiple online Q&A and keynote speech sessions as part of Wacom's Comic Week and ConnectedInk events. Given their history, the collaboration between the two ...

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