Wacom Leads the Way with Pens and Tablets for Linux

At Wacom, it is important that all of our users have their workflows as fully supported as possible. Over the years more and more enterprise users and creative professionals have been relying on Linux as part of their workflows. Many of these users already rely on Wacom to power their creative and business endeavors. In fact, Wacom devices are being adopted in many Linux enterprise environments beyond the creative industry. ...

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Powering Virtualized Media & Entertainment Workflows With Wacom

Media and Entertainment: Changing the Script Prior to 2020, the media and entertainment (M&E) industry, like several other industries, had only started to explore the benefits of adopting virtualization into its workflows. As workforces were also becoming more distributed, technologies like virtualization helped to support remote collaboration. Then, the COVID catalyst hit. The work from anywhere movement exploded and became the new industry standard. As a result, it became vital that the ...

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Enhancing digital lessons on Chromebooks with One by Wacom – Leo Academy

Students at LEO Academy Trust are digitally savvy but have various inputs and preferences with their Chromebook devices. Even those with touchscreens do not offer consistent digital input of text, numbers and artistic drawings. The trust was in search of a tool that could provide digital equity and improve lessons in a more efficient and effective way. The trust piloted the use of a class set of One by Wacom tablets ...

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One by Wacom transforms digital writing – Witton Park Academy

Across the globe, learning is still handwriting centric, especially in Mathematics and Science. This can make the shift to digital tasks challenging. Witton Park Academy is a secondary school in Blackburn (England) with approximately 1240 students. The school has non-touch screen chromebooks, so being able to digitally annotate work easily with the One by Wacom made Maths and Science much easier.  The One by Wacom virtually eliminated printing and documenting worksheets as ...

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Animation contest with Wacom & TVPaint

In 2021, our partner TVPaint Animation, the 2D animation software, is celebrating its 30th anniversary. For this reason we have teamed up for an animation contest. Between Oct 1st and Oct 24th, post one animation on how you remember - or imagine -  the 90's on your Instagram account. TVPaint will select the best 10 animations on October 27th. All information on how to participate, terms&conditions of TVPaint and most important – ...

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Jellyfish: working in a virtual world since 2015

Jellyfish started as a two-man band back in 2001, and since then has grown into one of the most respected visual effects and animation studios in the world. Jellyfish's new completely virtual studio  They now employ over 300 artists across five UK studios and offer remote working around the globe. They are as dedicated as ever to creating stunning moving pictures. VFX credits include blockbuster movies such as Lucas Films’ Star ...

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Foundry: How the Wacom Cintiq Pro 24 pairs perfectly with post-production workflows including Katana, Nuke and Mari

This blog post was written by Elise Testa, Foundry It’s an all-too-common scene amongst artists, particularly in the visual effects space: technical friction, round-tripping between packages and stifled creativity through unintuitive and convoluted workflows. Numerous iterations are typically fuelled by a lack of visibility over the ‘ground truth’ image. Teams work in silos, and not in context of the final render. Yet the Cintiq Pro 24pen display from Wacom provides a way ...

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