Cook with and draw with us

We hope this blog article will make you want to do some grocery shopping once you finish reading it. 😊 Watching Japanese anime and not being mesmerized by the way food is visualized is very unlikely. Whether it’s the Pokemon series or a Studio Ghibli movie, manga and animes have always been generous in providing us with mouth-watering food aesthetics. So it was the sensible choice to celebrate the harmony between food ...

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Fecha de vencimiento: 16 de junio de 2021 Premio: Wacom Intuos Pro M Participantes: Estudiantes de arte y profesionales de la fotografía residentes en el continente Europeo Temåtica: (Libre) Fotografía artística Categorías: Estudiante / Profesional Inscripción: Gratuita CONDICIONES: El participante debe leer y aceptar todos los términos y condiciones de esta pågina.El participante tiene que ser mayor de 16 años para participar en este concurso.El participante de la categoría Estudiante tiene que estar cursando actualmente una carrera, ...

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Exploring the Future of Ink with Ars Electronica Futurelab

The teams working together in the studio space Ars Electronica Futurelab and Wacom launched a collaborative research project to explore the possibility of creativity from all aspects of ink. Together we started on a journey to create a Future Ink Open Lab, where we combine Wacom’s pen and tablet technology with Ars Electronica Futurelab’s advanced drone technology called Spaxels to envision a future where we can draw in any space with ...

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MCM Comic Con London recap

This years MCM Comic Con London was a blast. With thousands of die-hard fans and pop-culture consumers landing at ExCeL London last weekend, MCM Comic Con returned to bring the latest in collectibles, gaming, toys, TV and comics... and of course, the best tablets for creatives to the attendees. The event, which is being held at the London royal docks, included tattoo parlours, a gaming centre by the biggest brands, an international Cosplay competition, ...

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Wacom @ LUCCA Comics & Games Festival

Have you ever been to the LUCCA Comics and Games Festival? It actually belongs to the biggest creative events we have in Europe - so visiting it once in your lifetime as a digital artist should be considered mandatory. This year it takes place from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November in Lucca, Italy. Want to know more about LUCCA? Just click on the link and go to ...

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Playgrounds at Eindhoven: Wacom was there and this is how it went!

We are busy, busy, busy... It's Festival season and being official sponsor of so many cool events can get a little bit hectic. But we keep bringing you the best coverage of our different events from around the world... This time we were proud sponsors of Playgrounds Festival 2019 in the beautiful city of Eindhoven, in The Netherlands. The biggest event on concept art & design for film, animation and games ...

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Trojan Horse was a Unicorn 2019: An exciting festival for the creative minds

We are proud to see our relationship with THU is growing every year, and in 2019, its 7th consecutive year, it is bigger and better than ever before... This time, we send out the Wacom crew and this is the report from a first timer perspective with "The Tribe": ï»ż First of all, lets start with the sentence that the Wacom team members have been saying for the last days: you had ...

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A never-ending story

A creative, open-minded audience at an extraordinary festival – ideal conditions for an experiment. We invited our visitors at the Open Source Festival to contribute to a sequel story. Each co-author only read the immediately preceding episode, not the whole story. For this setup, we took a little inspiration from a creativity technique called "Cadavre Exquis" that the Surrealists developed about a hundred years ago. We used our smartpads to capture ...

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iamag 2019 & Master Classes

For years, IAMAG.CO has evolved as an international art magazine, celebrating artwork from all over the world on a daily basis. The Master Classes, hosted in Paris, are an extension of this amazing collection of online content, and it has matured to a gathering of influential professional artists across the disciplines of animation, concepting, VFX / FX, and technical direction. Oculus Medium and Wacom partnered up to elevate the industry standard ...

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Playgrounds Blend | Fest & conference on cutting edge creativity

Playgrounds is an art festival and conference on cutting edge creativity. Since a decade, Playgrounds is a community and meeting ground for passionate motion designers, innovative animators, and amazing art directors. It is a perfect opportunity to catch up with international leading colleagues, to be inspired and get new ideas, expand your international network and – who knows – acquire new business leads. Naturally, Wacom is part of the fest and present ...

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