Lídia Vives: An incredible journey into her photographic world

Biography: Lídia Vives (Spain, 1991), currently living in Barcelona, is a photographer and visual artist who has seen her work published in magazines such as Esquire and Vogue Italia and has been exhibited in numerous galleries, fairs and museums such as the Louvre from Paris. She also collaborated with various musical groups, highlighting the Spanish band Love of Lesbian. She has traveled around the world presenting her work since her first exhibition in 2013 ...

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Emma Black and her unique Mysterious Art

"As an artist who uses both traditional and digital mediums, my tablet is integral in helping me to create new work, as well as easily plan and develop it. When creating illustrations i’ll scan my graphite drawings in, then use my Cintiq to lay out and digitally colour them. My tablet allows me to experiment and gives me the flexibility to make quick adjustments, easily altering compositions or drawing in ...

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Sci-fi worlds: Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stålenhag is an artist based in the countryside outside of Stockholm, Sweden. He has worked on a variety of projects, ranging from films, commercials and book covers to art directing and concepts for video games. Born in 1984, Simon is the internationally acclaimed author, concept designer, and artist of the art books Tales from the Loop (2015), Things from the Flood (2016) and The Electric State (2017). Stålenhag's highly imaginative ...

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Let´s Talk Art | Dark, elegant and romatic fusion with Billelis

Welcome to our first Let’s Talk Art interview of 2019 and this time we’re joined by the incredible Billelis! Billelis is a freelance 3D Illustrator and Art Director residing in the UK. Many of you will know Billy’s 3D work; his style, concepts, and imagination always leave us in awe. We had to ask Billy about his work and hope this interview inspires you to create something. He talks about his inspirations, ...

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Wacom presents: Let´s Talk Art with concept artist Leon Tukker

We´re proud to present this next Let’s Talk Art interview in which Posterspy founder Jack Woodhams traveled to Utrecht, the Netherlands to meet with concept artist and illustrator Leon Tukker. Leon shares what it’s like freelancing from his home in Utrecht, his typical workflow, why ArtStation has helped him secure more clients, the right mindset, advice for aspiring concept artists and much more! Leon works on a Wacom Intuos Pro drawing ...

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Let´s Talk Art | being an illustrator and running your own brand with Alejandro Giraldo

Welcome to another Let’s Talk Art interview, this time Jack Woodhams spoke with illustrator and creator Alejandro Giraldo. Alejandro is an illustrator living in Colombia and has created work for numerous clients across the years, including Caller Chocolate. In this interview, Alejandro talks about his specific style, how he set up his clothing brand Velmost and how he balances his time between his illustration jobs and running his own brand. So, Let’s ...

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Let´s Talk Art with comics writer and illustrator Emma Vieceli hosted by Jack Woodhams

We´re proud to present this next Let’s Talk Art interview in which Posterspy founder Jack Woodhams travelled to Cambridge, England to meet with comics writer and illustrator Emma Vieceli. Emma talks about her experience being a comic artist without having had formal education and whether art school is necessary for the comics industry. She also shares helpful tips, likes how to draw anatomy, as well as some common misconceptions about digital ...

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Let´s talk art | Exploring the world of screen printing with Joshua Budich

My name is Jack - founder of PosterSpy - and this time I speak with Joshua Budich who is a U.S based artist skilled in many mediums, from pen and ink illustrations to watercolor, digital art, and screen printing. We dive deep into Joshua´s prolific career as a freelance artist, how he grew as a professional illustrator in over a decade, how he keeps his ideas fresh, his experience with “bootlegging”, ...

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Representation, perseverance and growth as an artist: Duchess365´s journey so far

Welcome to the latest Let’s Talk Art interview, my name's Jack and this time I’m joined by the wonderful Olivia, known online as Duchess365. I met Olivia briefly at MCM Comic Con in London this year and was really struck by her artwork. I instantly fell in love with her portraits so had to find out more about her. Find out the story behind her online name, how a further education ...

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