Teaching, learning and visual thinking with Bamboo Paper

Let's take a deep dive into the premium features of Bamboo Paper - now FREE for a limited time. Handwriting notes and sketching diagrams help us to understand and remember things as well as to freely express and explain our ideas. Even complex thoughts and concepts become easier to understand for us and others if we visualize them. It stimulates deeper learning, fosters interaction and encourages collaboration as studies show. But with ...

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Alex Solis – Next Level Creativity!

      We just love the style of Alex Solis! His irreverent and colorful adventures, linked to a very intelligent and unique way to express (and connect) concepts, is what makes him great.       Art has been a passion of mine all my life, I'm creating or working on some type or art everyday, even when I rest or take a day off, I sit and doodle something even if it's only a few ...

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Meet the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 & create without boundaries

Whatever, wherever… you can create anything anywhere with the new Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13. With its handy size, the awesome display, a precise and powerful pen plus enhanced computing power, you can now enjoy true independence. Just have it with you as a trustworthy companion and you can capture your ideas right there, when inspiration strikes. But it's more, than just the perfect companion for a creative soul. Its complete studio ...

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Getting started with the Wacom One Creative Pen Display

We continuously strive to provide you the best possible performance designed for the way you create. As each and everyone of you is unique and creates in their very own style, we just recently introduced you to the Wacom One creative pen display. So far, we talked about its features and what a great product this is for digital starters, both, creative and non-creative. But we have not yet shown ...

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Improve your everyday with the new Wacom One Creative Pen Display

Happy New Year! Welcome 2020, welcome everyone, welcome Wacom One. We’re proud to present our entry-line pen display tablet that #ComesWith such a wide range of features that we cannot put them all into a single sentence. Today, at the CES in Las Vegas, the  Wacom One Creative Pen Display will be introduced. It opens a world of new possibilities for both, creative and non-creative people. How? Nosy, are we? Just keep ...

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      As part of our constant commitment to you and your creativity, we have gathered the European Experience Centres where you can try out our products with experts to guide you in the best way to fulfill a tailored purchase so you are sure you have the Wacom tablet you need. We have workshops and training in every Wacom Experience Centre. Click on the one near your city and get to ...

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The adventure travelogue of Taiwan 300 years ago

Yuan-Pin Yu – an artist behind the scenes

300 years ago Yu Yonghe, a Chinese secretarial officer, visited Taiwan to mine sulfur. Nothing special you might think, right? Had he not written an exciting travel journal, we probably would not know anything about his journeys. Just ask yourselves:   So how come this travel journal "Pihai Jiyou" is known today as the Small Sea Travel Diaries and ended up in an award winning book? The adventure travelogue of Taiwan 300 years ...

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What does a Travelling couple and their Van have to do with our New Mobile Studio Pro?

Who is Nomadarte? Nomadarte is a Couple living the Van Life. They are travellers, writers, photographers and multimedia artists: Gustavo Alonso & Cyntghia Gamez: "We travel the world in our Van called "la Mexicana". For the last 6 years we have given up everything and visited magic places in South America and Central america... And we are just starting!" Right now, they are located in the United States, in Alaska, photographing the ...

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Show us your progress through the years

We know that, for many out there, Wacom has been the first and only option since you guys started. Just like Miguel, a very talented 3D artist,  we have been there for you and vice versa. For us, is a very satisfactory feeling to see the progress you have accomplished through the years and how you use our different products depending on your art style and necessities. The new Wacom Cintiq ...

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Introducing the new Wacom Intuos Pro Small | Kingfisher

Wacom continues redefining the professional standard in creative pen tablets. The award-winning Wacom Intuos Pro small brings new control to your creativity and completes the Intuos Pro family to suit any creative workspace. With Wacom Intuos Pro you can illustrate, edit photos and videos, or design digitally with more natural creative control than ever before. It offers a well-balanced combination of technology, usability, and ergonomics. Find out about the Wacom Intuos Pro ...

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