For all Pro-users – Praxinos is looking for beta-testers

EPOS is a smart plugin in development on Unreal Engine to manage scenes placement both in space and time. Wander in your level, choose the right angle in the viewport, then snap on button to automatically create a camera in your 3D environment, a scene within the Sequencer and a transparent board ready to be sketched. If this sounds interesting to you, you might want to become a beta-tester:Go to and ...

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Inspiration Days – Berufsorientierung auf dem nächsten Level!

Die Inspiration Days sind das erste digitale live Event von teech, das vom 03.-05. Mai 2021 stattfindet. An diesen drei Tagen haben ca. 50.000 Schüler*innen so die Möglichkeit in verschiedenen digitalen Räumen an Vorträgen und Workshops teilzunehmen und sich interaktiv zu beteiligen.​ Hier lernen sie Persönlichkeiten kennen und können sich für ihre berufliche Zukunft inspirieren lassen – und das völlig kostenfrei! Die Bro-Founder Emanuele und Joel Monaco wollen mit der Distance-Learning ...

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Wacom’s Deep Dive with Faunesque

Wacom was able to interview mega-talented illustrator "Faunesque". Have a read and go follow him on his Social Networks.______________________________________________________________________________ 1-Thanks for having us Phil. We love your work, tell us a little bit about your development and studies. Hey  Thanks a lot! My name is Phil, I am 38. I went to LISAA in Strasbourg (FR) and graduate in Visual Communication in 2004. I worked as a freelance ever since.  I cofounded Zurich29 (motion ...

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5 drawing apps teachers can use with their One by Wacom

Our friend John Sowash from Chromebook Classroom was kind enough to share with us this article. Take a look and do not forget to give him a follow: As a high school science teacher, I spent a lot of time in front of the whiteboard and the overhead projector, diagraming cells, punnett squares, and the Krebs cycle (it’s complicated, trust me!).  As classrooms ha ve become digital, drawing and sketching things by ...

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Lídia Vives: An incredible journey into her photographic world

Biography: Lídia Vives (Spain, 1991), currently living in Barcelona, is a photographer and visual artist who has seen her work published in magazines such as Esquire and Vogue Italia and has been exhibited in numerous galleries, fairs and museums such as the Louvre from Paris. She also collaborated with various musical groups, highlighting the Spanish band Love of Lesbian. She has traveled around the world presenting her work since her first exhibition in 2013 ...

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Music production with a Wacom Tablet: a new world for Musicians!

The Wacom team contacted with the extremely talented musician Mendel bij de Leij. A multi-layered producer from the Netherlands with an impressive background in this field. Mendel bij de LeijComposerMixing/Mastering EngineerEx-Aborted Guitarist He is based in the city of Beetsterzwaag, in The Netherlands. When we asked him about his influences, Mendel said: "I love Bach, Film Score music and Rock/Metal Music. I’ve played in the band Aborted for 7+ years and quit to ...

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Learning, teaching and creating digitally made easy with Wacom and Chromebook

Wacom is making its intuitive and easy to use pen tablets and displays available to the growing group of Chromebook users. The One by Wacom is now the first pen tablet to receive the Works With Chromebook certification which makes it an ideal tool for students, teachers and young creatives and a useful addition to many set-ups in class or at home. Wacom continues to expand its efforts to support the ...

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A Veterinarian approach to Wacom’s tablets

We met Anna during a trip to Indonesia. She was in our hostal taking care of an eagle. We talk about many things in life and we were amazed by her stories and knowledge. Besides being an incredible passionate human being for animal's health, she also happend to be an outstanding artist and talented photographer: This is where the Wacom team got more interested in her stories. Back in Europe, we ...

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