The adventure travelogue of Taiwan 300 years ago

Yuan-Pin Yu – an artist behind the scenes

300 years ago Yu Yonghe, a Chinese secretarial officer, visited Taiwan to mine sulfur. Nothing special you might think, right? Had he not written an exciting travel journal, we probably would not know anything about his journeys. Just ask yourselves:   So how come this travel journal "Pihai Jiyou" is known today as the Small Sea Travel Diaries and ended up in an award winning book? The adventure travelogue of Taiwan 300 years ...

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A never-ending story

A creative, open-minded audience at an extraordinary festival – ideal conditions for an experiment. We invited our visitors at the Open Source Festival to contribute to a sequel story. Each co-author only read the immediately preceding episode, not the whole story. For this setup, we took a little inspiration from a creativity technique called "Cadavre Exquis" that the Surrealists developed about a hundred years ago. We used our smartpads to capture ...

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Animator Vs. Cartoonist: Who would win?

What happens when an animator and a cartoonist draw from memory old cartoon characters on their Cintiq 22? Well... BuzzFeed knew this question would pop up eventually and they decided to do a test. According to Wikipedia, a cartoonist (also comic strip creator) is a visual artist who specializes in drawing cartoons. This work is often created for entertainment, political commentary, or advertising. Cartoonists may work in many formats, such as booklets, comic ...

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Cintiq Pro + Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan (12 months)*

🚨🚨 Special offer Alert  🚨 🚨 Promotion valid only for: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Great Britain, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, UAE*, Saudi Arabia*, Kuwait*, Egypt*, Lebanon*, Qatar*, Jordan*, Russia*, Ukraine*, Turkey*, South Africa*, Israel*, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. *contact your local dealer Purchase a new Wacom Cintiq Pro (Cintiq Pro 13, 16, 24 and 32) and get the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for 12 months at ...

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The basics of mix media layered style into digital artwork with Clip Studio Paint and Wacom Intuos by Miss Led

Joanna Henly aka Miss Led recently moved from London to the artisanal Lisboa, Portugal and Wacom was invited to her studio. Besides getting a tour of her new crib, Miss Led let us turn her everyday work process into a tutorial for you guys. Joanna explains the process of how she has developed her traditional mixed-media layered style into digital artwork. She also gives examples of her most important art pieces, ...

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Projection mapping: building a story

The artists of Maxin10sity use projection mapping to tell compelling stories on the front of enormous government buildings, cars, museums, palaces, universities, and at light festivals around the world. They are driven by passion and creativity which has won them awards for their innovation. So, we wanted to be able to inspire our Wacom community with Maxin10sity´s story. We asked them where they get inspiration from and how they go from ...

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Tips and tricks for lip syncing in Toon Boom

This time we have teamed up with Youtuber Alex Clark to bring you one of his most requested animation tutorials: lip syncing. Alex Clark is a 2017 streamy nominee and the winner of 4 people’s choice awards. He runs an animation-focused YouTube channel and is the creator of Alex Clark Studios. A former comedian and professional juggler (not a joke), Alex began his channel as a way to share his larger than ...

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10 advanced rigging tips (Adobe character animator tutorial)

In the theme of "3 t of daring", Wacom is offering an Adobe Creative Cloud membership until 31 March 2018 for customers in Europe. To celebrate this great collaboration, we´ll also offer free tutorials of Adobe CC´s most popular apps, for the next three months. If you want to add some extra life & emotion to your creations in Adobe Character Animator CC, check out these 10 advanced rigging tips from ...

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ZBrush Core video tutorial series with Steve James – part 6 Polypaint

Professional 3D artist Steve James, from Pixologic, recorded these amazing video tutorials to show you how to sculpt a head using ZBrushCore. He will go through the benefits of integrating 3D into his workflow and breaks down the steps he will be showing you in this series. This series has 6 parts and in this sixth and final part, you will add Polypaint. While sculpting, Steve uses a tool which makes ...

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How to sculpt hair or fur in ZBrush

Insun Kwon is Professor of Game Development at Savannah College of Art and Design in San Francisco. In the video below he is teaching us one way of sculpting hair or fur strands in ZBrush. When sculpting hair, many people will choose to use alphas. But the professor of Game Development recommends doing it manually, as it won’t have the same values and therefore be more realistic and appealing to the ...

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