Turn your Bamboo Paper App into a coloring book

Coloring and drawing is fun and encourages children’s creative development. With Bamboo Paper and the wonderful books from Tessloff Verlag, this is as easy as using a real pen on paper – anywhere and anytime.

Together with Tessloff Verlag, we offer extracts from children’s coloring books for the Wacom Bamboo Paper App for free download.

Two coloring books are available:

Many beautiful mandalas (for children over 5 years)

Beautiful mandalas with flowers and geometric shapes and figures invite you to dream and relax. The large, round structures with their recurring patterns spark interest for bright colors and also promote the ability to concentrate.

Point to Point. 1 to 110 and A-Z (Owl)

What are the owls doing in the leafy forest? What robe does the ringmaster wear? And where is the rocket headed? The approximately 100 motifs in this booklet ensure fun and entertainment. First you have to connect numbers and letters in the right order. The cheerful motifs can then be painted in bright colors. With “dot to dot” children get to know the numbers and letters in a playful way and train stamina and the ability to concentrate.

Bamboo Paper is available for Windows 10, iPadOS and Android, so any device running one of these operating systems and equipped with a digital pen can become a coloring book. The following applies: the larger the display, the more fun coloring is.

Here’s how you can easily turn your mobile device, tablet or computer into a coloring book:

  1. Install Bamboo Paper on your device – get the App for free from your App Store

  2. Click on the respective book to download it as a Bamboo Paper file

    a) For mobile devices (iPadOS/Android) please use these books:


  3. b) For all Windows 10* devices please use these books:

    *Optimized for recommended Windows screen resolution and scaling. If you use a different screen resolution and image scale, the books may need to be adjusted manually.


  4. After downloading the respective Bamboo Paper files, PunkzuPunkt.will and Mandalas.will, simply double-click/open.

Have fun drawing!

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