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Teaching, learning and visual thinking with Bamboo Paper

Let’s take a deep dive into the premium features of Bamboo Paper – now FREE for a limited time.

Handwriting notes and sketching diagrams help us to understand and remember things as well as to freely express and explain our ideas. Even complex thoughts and concepts become easier to understand for us and others if we visualize them. It stimulates deeper learning, fosters interaction and encourages collaboration as studies show.

But with all of us trying to collaborate, teach, and learn from home, why are we still so attached to our favourite paper notebook? The notebooks and sticky notes scattered all around us are proof that writing naturally with a pen is where the magic happens. And we often end up sending pictures or scans of our scribbles to show what we actually meant or how we develop an idea. Because some ideas just won’t translate very well when typed on a keyboard.

Stay home, but share your ideas freely

So, what does it take to bring your favourite paper notebook to the digital world? Not much actually. Simply turn your smartphone, pen-enabled computer with a Wacom Bamboo Ink or Ink+, Wacom Tablet or display, or Android phone into a digital notebook with Bamboo Paper. The app is available for Android, iOS and Windows and can be downloaded for free on the respective app stores. Bamboo Paper is so easy to use that sketching, drawing and taking notes becomes as simple and straightforward as using a real pen on paper or a marker on a whiteboard.

Whether you need to learn, teach or work from home, or you simply want to have some creative fun with your kids, friends or colleagues, here we will tell and show you everything you need to know about Bamboo Paper and how you can use it.

5 Ideas on how to use Bamboo Paper for work, school and fun

1. Visualize your ideas for work or school
Think in diagrams, graphs and mind-maps to explain your concepts visually. Use colours to highlight important details. Show your ideas to encourage feedback and collaboration.

2. Prepare your tasks for class
Break down complex matters and problems in easy to grasp steps and connect them visually. Add a sketch or create symbols to explain ideas and tasks. Show processes and how they are related. Use it for math problems, drawing chemical structures, sketching flowcharts and decision trees or any work that is best done visually.

3. Show what you mean and share your ideas
Invite colleagues or friends to the free Bamboo Paper app and use a shared digital notebook. Work on the same notes and sketches to brainstorm ideas, exchange status updates or develop projects together.

4. Have some fun with the kids
Use Bamboo Paper’s never-ending supply of paper and crayons. Entertain the kids with drawing. Or encourage them to start a digital friendship book. Ask them to draw a little sketch that expresses their thoughts and let them share it with friends and family while being at home.

5. Happy Doodling
Allow your mind to wander off and doodle away. Playing with colours, filling in simple forms and aimless sketching has a soothing effect and keeps your creativity going. Take it a step further and create your personal visual diary.

Bamboo Paper now with FREE premium features

A free app is already a pretty good thing. Free premium features make it even better. The standard version of Bamboo Paper has a pen and highlighter function and comes with one free notebook in 4 different paper styles to cover basic notetaking needs. The additional Pro Pack (or Creative Pack in iOS) offers all premium features including more tools and notebooks: 6 different pens and brushes, more colours as well as 4 premium notebooks with a total of 22 different paper styles. It is the most popular extension of the free version and normally costs around 5 USD / EUR.

From 1 May 2020 to 30 June 2020 users of Bamboo Paper can unlock all premium features as a free of charge in-app purchase and keep them permanently.

More tools to shape and share ideas

If you do not already have a Wacom product with a pen, or a pen that came with your notebook or tablet try a digital pen from our range of smart styli for Android, iOS and Windows devices. Bamboo Ink, Bamboo Tip, Bamboo Sketch as well as third party solutions from Lamy or Staedtler all offer a hassle-free way to capture your thoughts, take notes and mark up documents.


Find the Wacom stylus that’s best for you

If visual thinking is really your thing consider to step up your game with the Wacom One. This creative pen display is the perfect tool for working digitally. The pen never needs charging and it’s designed to be comfortable to write on.


Get the new Wacom One LAMY bundle 10% off with special discount code CASAWACOM (EU only)


Prefer to start on real paper? Our smartpads have you covered. Capture your ideas with pen on paper and the Bamboo Folio or Bamboo Slate instantly digitize your handwritten notes, sketches and diagrams and synch them directly to your smartphone or tablet – all at the simple push of a button. Once your ideas are digital, you can easily shape and refine them in Bamboo Paper or share them with others.


Putting a pen to paper or your tablet is just the start. When you’re ready, you can sync your notes and ideas to the Wacom Inkspace app, store them safely in the cloud or share them across devices.

The app’s Ink to Text feature handily converts your handwritten notes to rich text or DOC formats, saving you the hassle of re-typing your work. And if you want to show your thought process or share your creative workflow, Inkspace can record the progress you make line by line as MP4 video files. This is particularly helpful if you need to explain complicated matters.

On the web-based version of the app, our Ink Collaboration tool even allows you to work on a real-time canvas simultaneously with your friends or colleagues. So you can continue to work together, no matter where you all are.

Transport your ideas into the digital world

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