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WILL™ 3.0 technology by Wacom announced at Samsung Developer Conference 2018

At the Samsung Developer Conference 2018, we announced Wacom Ink Layer Language WILL™ 3.0. It is Universal Ink that enables with the use of 3D, semantic, biometrics, and metadata empowering a whole new world of digital ink opportunities.

This film shows technology which is still in development by Wacom and was announced at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018. It shows possible applications and the potential of WILL™ 3.0.

And here you can watch the CEO of Wacom – Nobu Ide – talk about Wacom´s vision of Universal Ink:

What is WILL™ 3.0 technology?

Wacom Ink Layer Language (WILL™), the leading standard for visualizing and storing digital ink data is evolving. WILL™ 3.0 Universal Ink opens up a whole new world of digital ink opportunities that perfectly complement the Samsung S Pen ecosystem.

With WILL™ 3.0, the metadata contained within the digital ink can be fully exploited in the real world, as well as in augmented and virtual reality, in use cases across art, design, science, music and other disciplines. There are multiple application areas for you to explore that can make voice assistant searches smarter, improve security, and open the door to new levels of creativity.

To learn more and to be part of the Wacom developer team, click here.

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