The first Bijorcha Jewelry Awards in Paris

In 2018, Wacom was a partner of the first BIJORHCA JEWELRY AWARD competition, which aims to reward the most creative and innovative achievement and enhance the profession of craftsman jeweler on a given theme: the birds from Metropolitan France!

The winners of the competition were rewarded during the Party Bijorhca Paris in January, 2019.

Congratulations to Camille DIOGO who won the first prize for her superb creation “L’Éclat d’Eau”

The Kingfisher, with its fast flight at the level of rivers, dives in a dive and comes to break the calm of the water.
It’s at this moment that the fairy tale operates: its shimmering plumage captures the light and is reflected in the agitation of the water. The kingfisher was nicknamed the flying jewel because of its bright blue-green wings, contrasting with the red plumage of its chest.

L’Éclat d’Eau by Camille DIOGO

Congratulations to Héloise De Leeuw who finished 2nd in this competition with her necklace “Amour Glacé”

This necklace “Amour Glacé” symbolizes a couple of kingfishers, coming out of the water. Two orange and turquoise silhouettes twirling around each other, in an air pursuit to soon find each other. These two flying gems take with them a series of drops of water, in a frosty and wintery universe. This piece, symbolizing love, represents the kingfisher in all his splendor: love, speed, flight, life. This necklace could be summarized by the following sentence: “Live of love and fresh water”

Amour Glacé by Héloise De Leeuw

Congratulations to M. Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux who won the 3rd place thanks to his ring “Pic Mar”

“The decline of this species in France, caused by the gradual disappearance of old oaks, prompted me to choose this bird.” Fixed on a ring body that protects it, this movable pick reproduces its characteristic behavior thanks to a spring system. His pecking on your finger then becomes a reminder of the risk of his disappearance.

Pic Mar by M. Pierre-Aymeric LEDOUX

The jury & criteria

The jury who was responsible for picking these incredible creations were:

  • Dominique Muller, Les Ateliers Bermudes
  • Caroline Gondy, Wacom
  • Patrick Koune, 3J Créations
  • Emilie Gobert, LPO (French Society for the Protection of Birds)
  • Marine Devos, Bijorhca Paris
  • Christelle SantaBarbara, Black Phenix
  • Ollivier Salvelli, High jewelry & luxury watches
  • Elizabeth Leriche, Director of the Elizabeth Leriche design consultancy

The jury noted each design in relation to the following criteria:

  • How well it reflects the theme
  • Originality of design
  • Attention to detail in your description
  • Quality of visuals, including finish and presentation
  • Technical knowledge
Christelle SantaBarbara, Elisabeth Tasteyre Drouillard, Dominique Muller, Marine Devos, Camille Diogo,
Heloise De Leeuw, Pierre-Aymeric Ledoux, Caroline Gondy, Patrick Koune et Emilie Gobert
For more information about this Award competition and to take a look at the other winning creations, click here.

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