A Veterinarian approach to Wacom’s tablets

We met Anna during a trip to Indonesia. She was in our hostal taking care of an eagle. We talk about many things in life and we were amazed by her stories and knowledge. Besides being an incredible passionate human being for animal’s health, she also happend to be an outstanding artist and talented photographer: This is where the Wacom team got more interested in her stories.

Back in Europe, we send her a tablet so she could pursuit her way into Digital art and this is something of what she has done in about 3 months.

Stay tuned because we will have some more coming up about her little furry animals and her Wacom Cintiq 16!

“Hi, my name is Anna Modlińska and I’m veterinarian, traveler and amateur artist. In my job I usually work with exotic animals and they are also central part of my journeys- I try to see their life in places they belong.

Some of her colorful work:

I try to analyze their anatomy, behavior and structure. Afterwards I aim to capture their astonishing beauty – sometimes by camera, sometimes as painting or drawing. Thanks to Wacom – it’s possible.

I can edit plenty of photos and try to imitate amazing world of animals. Digital painting is much quicker and gives opportunities to combine all different media in one.

I spend a lot of time editing my photos giving them my personal vibes, precision is crucial.

Thanks to Wacom I can achieve it!”

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