Behind the scenes of jewelry creation at 404 Place Vendôme in Paris

Did some of you get some nice jewelry for Christmas this year? Maybe a bracelet, a pendant, or even a ring? We had the chance to take a look behind the scenes of a jewelry designer 404 Place Vendôme in Paris to see how maybe your beautiful piece might have been created. Do you want to learn more? Then check out this video (or continue reading).

The digital art of modern jewelry creation – this is how it begins

At the beginning, there’s the desire of a customer, to have his or her own piece of jewelry. If the client already knows exactly, what he wants, the designer could get down to the details with him or her right away and make sure the design is in line with the budget available. But it is also fun do develop an idea of how a piece of jewelry might look together. In this process, a Wacom display tablet is a pure time saver. As both parties brainstorm, they draw on a draft together and elaborate the final version step by step. It should be a piece of jewelry that does not yet exist and stays within the client’s budget. And accomplishing this goal calls for a knowledgeable jewelry designer like 404 Place Vendôme. This process creates tight bonds between the client and the piece of jewelry, which also has a positive effect on customer loyalty.


From digital ideation to digital creation

After the rough sketch or draft has been finalized and validated, the project moves on to the next stage: the creation of photo-realistic 3D models. Thereafter, the 3D model passes through another software, that gives it its coatings and sets up the materials like metal and gem. Once the project has passed this stage, it needs to be validated by the client once more.


From 3D rendering to traditional production

Once the customer validated the 3D rendering, the 3D file gets send to the 3D printer. This is, where the traditional production stages take over and a cast for multiple pieces if necessary is created. Once the cast is done and the metal has reached the right temperature in the furnace, it’s time to bring the two together and fill the cast with the liquid metal. Let it sit to cool down and rinse the cast of, to get to the hardened metal. Clean it from any residues and let the manufacturing begin. The piece(s) have to be separated from the metal stem in order to further prepare them. This entails sowing off the excess parts, sanding and polishing the piece(s), assembling them if necessary and attaching the gems.


Want to create your own, unique piece of jewelry?

For now, we want to thank them for giving us some behind the scenes information. But, if this just opened a new world to your creativity and what personal gifts you can create if you have the money, why not get in touch with 404 Place Vendôme. Here is, where you could find them:


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