Buck – A top of the line Design Company

Buck is a design-driven creative commercial production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Sydney. Buck is an international collective of directors, producers, digital artists, graphic designers, illustrators and animators that combine their skills to create innovative media across all mediums for advertising, technology, and entertainment clients.


They have created international-winning award campaigns for Apple, Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Oreo, David Blane, Mastercard and some of the most famous brands out there.
Up next, a brief compilation fo some of their works, as well as some of the master minds behind them.


Tinder – Invention of Together from Buck on Vimeo

It’s all about the details: When the two meet on Tinder, Olga is a sculptor, where they meet in person is the bar “The Watering Hole”, and when the two ride off on the bicycle it’s the same geography as where the cavemen chased the wheel (and there’s a monument of them and the dinosaur they slayed on the left) 🙂


Ryoko & Nick


Spectacle of the Real from Buck on Vimeo.


Bri & Deb


Cadbury & Oreo from Buck on Vimeo.


Marla & Zoe


MasterCard – Priceless Surprises from Buck on Vimeo.


Tony & Stephen


Buck was founded in 2004 by Jeff Ellermeyer, Ryan Honey and Orion Tait. Currently, Ryan Honey is the Executive Creative Director in Los Angeles, Orion Tait is the Executive Creative Director in New York and Jeff Ellermeyer acts as the Managing Director.


We are always excited to see the best of the best using our products. This keeps us striving forward to be Technology Leaders. Thank you Buck for trusting in us: You guys are great!


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