#CasaWacom is here to help social-distancing blues

Feeling blue about this whole situation? Some cheering up needed? Have a look at this beautiful movement that originated in Italy, the first European country that went into lockdown.

As the lockdown and social distancing are encouraged across Europe and other countries, millions of people face a strong change in their routines. Cue in our colleagues of Wacom team in Italy, announcing this amazing new campaign to help everyone who is locked in their homes, not only in Italy but around the world, with encouraging and spreading creativity.

Let’s make this initiative spread faster than the ugly virus!


#CasaWacom, in English Wacom Home, is our new hashtag under which we invite all artists EVERWHERE to share their art.

When sharing your art

Our @WacomItalia account will be reposting the amazing art and also on our @Wacom Instagram account we will regularly re-share selected works.

Are you a seasoned freelancer who has surfed the ups and downs of working from home for many years? Do you have golden tips and insights for those who found themselves in this new routine? Then we invite you to use our hashtags while sharing your wisdom and we will share your tips with millions of people If you have tips, tricks, and insights for those.

A lot of our Italian Ambassadors have been involved in the project with the aim of inviting their followers to don’t give up and to spend this time at home to express themselves and share their creativity.

Do you want to upgrade your old tablet or treat yourself a new Wacom now that you finally spend a lot of time at home? Just jump over to our new Wacom E-Store and use the code CASAWACOM to grab a 10% discount on Wacom Cintiq 16, Wacom Intuos S, and Wacom Intuos Pro M tablets.

Last but not least, in partnership with our B2B partners, our team in Italy are organizing Webinars focused on the main topics of our “new daily routine”: Smart-Working and E-learning.

Wacom products are one of the best tools out there to increase your productivity in studying or working at home, and our webinars, held by our Ambassadors, have the aim of help professionals, teachers, and students alike.

Stay tuned to know dates and hours, in order to participate and make them even more dynamic and interesting by interacting with the speakers asking your questions online.

We wish you a period full of creativity, discovery, and experimentation.


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