Cook with and draw with us

We hope this blog article will make you want to do some grocery shopping once you finish reading it. 😊

Watching Japanese anime and not being mesmerized by the way food is visualized is very unlikely. Whether it’s the Pokemon series or a Studio Ghibli movie, manga and animes have always been generous in providing us with mouth-watering food aesthetics.

So it was the sensible choice to celebrate the harmony between food and art, and the chaotic nature of both processes during our Wacom Manga & Anime Days event. But when you talk about creating chaos, you can be sensible only so much, right?

On July 30, at 1 PM CET we will host our Creative Chaos: #CookWith or #DrawWith session featuring our CEO Nobu Ide. Nobu will talk about creative chaos and Wacom’s plans for further celebrating creativity while preparing some sushi rolls.

We invite you all to join us in this session and join Nobu in preparing the sushi rolls. Grab your kitchen apron and create your own sushi rolls. You don’t feel like going into the kitchen? Then grab your pen and flex your anime food aesthetic skills.

Either your illustration or your plate of sushi rolls, we challenge you to create with us. Share with us the results by tagging @Wacom #WacomMAAD and we will share your art with our followers.

Check out the ingredients below, and see you on July 30th at 1 PM CET on Wacom Manga & Anime Days

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