Krisztián Tejfel self-taught digital painter

Do you remember the impressive Krisztián Tejfel?

Krisztián Tejfel is a very gifted (digital) painter uncovering the darker side of life. His way of bringing the negative emotions behind or within young, beautiful women to light is so unique and remarkable, we are thrilled each and every time we look at his works. Do you want to get to know more about him?

We first introduced him almost exactly two years ago with this post, where he gave us an exclusive interview:

Behind the scenes with oil painter Krisztián Tejfel and Wacom

Curious about his progress after these two years we followed up on him on social media and his website.  Actually, a lot has happened in his professional artist life. Besides a longer list of publications to be proud of, he rearranged and extended his portfolio, too. For example, he also turned to abstract acrylic and watercolor painting – another way of transmitting emotions through paintings. It seems almost that these emotions do not only belong to young, beautiful woman, but to everyone. Just take a closer look at his abstract acrylic & watercolor paintings end decide yourselves. Imagine these paintings in your living room, could you not look at them for hours finding inner peace?

Digital art by Krisztián Tejfel

Looking at his work from a retrospective, it seems as if he does find inner peace painting these abstract pieces of art. At least it looks like his digital paintings have become somewhat smoother and more to the point. The background imagery as well as the details not in main focus seem less noisy and also the focal details look even more realistic, don’t you think so too?


This just shows how important it is for artists to find a good balance, get inspired and to follow our inner drive, or shall we call it ‘muse’. Anything we do as artists – if it is contract work or just for ourselves when we scribble or sketch, memorize beautiful moments – helps us free our minds and become better at what we do. Especially as artists, we learn a lot just by observing how fellow artists perform their magic. At least most of us start at the same point: on a blank background.

Watch his time-lapse creation videos

No matter which style we pursue, we first draw our draft constantly refining it until we are happy enough to add colors, right? But if you, like Krisztián, started out as an oil painter, you might find it difficult at first to apply the colors digitally. Watching him do his magic in time-lapses is not only purely satisfying – it also is highly educational, not just for former oil painting artists. Just take a closer look at the way he brings out the details with some of his latest time-lapses.



Watching him perform his digital art while listening to the touching music he chose to accompany his speed-paint with, you understand the emotional fragility he transports with his paintings even more. No emotion he captures is like the other. This certainly also reflects his own mood to some extend, yet it is emotion that fuels an artist’s artworks.

Which graphic tablet does Krisztián work with?

We first want to show you some more of Krisztián’s speed-paint videos. Look at the details he memorized and how his paintings evolve from a simple yet brilliant sketch to these masterpieces. It needs a great tool, to achieve this outcome with such a high precision and quality. As most professional artists also Krisztián got accustomed to using Wacom and sticking with it, due to its feel, qualitative outputs and durability.



If the big artists he grew up with, such as Da Vinci, Rembrandt or Picasso, lived in the ‘here and now’ painting digitally, which device would they probably work with? Perhaps they would also use a Wacom  Cintiq 22HD or a Wacom Cintiq Pro 24. Just as Krisztián does today. And maybe, just maybe, they would also be learning from his speed-paint videos, which we all are so thrilled about.


Which brushes does Krisztián use?

As you know, it is not all about the brushes. But if you actually really think, that you are lacking some brushes to achieve Krisztián’s level of artistry, then he might have just the right sets of brushes and textures for you. And if you still think, you have to develop your own brushes? His brush-and-tool-presets pack also comes with a video tutorial on how to create your own brushes.


If you are also thrilled by Krisztián’s works, just follow him on social media:

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