14 tips to a successful Valentine´s day by Mikiko

Even by those who care about Valentine´s Day, it is often forgotten and difficult to find the time to prepare. For those who are not so much into it, we´re pretty sure you too will find some tips helpful. Valentine’s day is an occasion to show those we love that we care.

So, Wacom and comics artist Mikiko Ponczeck have teamed up to give you some helpful tips to a successful Valentine´s Day! Created on our Bamboo Smartpad.

  1. Don´t fret if you do not have a partner. Find someone you love.
  2. Share the love! Friends, family, even strangers! Smile, it confuses people ;).
  3. Surprise someone with breakfast in bed!
  4. Say thank you to someone you care about. You´ll be surprised how well little gestures, like smiling, are appreciated.
  5. Prepare a romantic dinner. But don’t stress yourself! (pizza in a box by candlelight.)
  6. Classics never fail: give flowers!
  7. …and of course: chocolate. But remember to share and not eat half the box yourself ;).
  8. Watch a sunset together. In the end it is not about possessions, but memories.
  9. Make someone smile, give a compliment. (‘hey, love your coat!’)
  10. Leave an unexpected note somewhere for someone special to find. This will light up their day!
  11. Watch a movie together and relax. Doesn’t have to be romance!
  12. Help out with chores. It’s always appreciated.
  13. Smile! (it’s contagious)
  14. Lastly, don’t forget to love yourself!


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