Photo manipulation tutorial and how to set up a Wacom Intuos Pro by Nemanja Sekulic

For this fun Photoshop and photo manipulation tutorial, we collaborated with photographer and 3D/ digital artist Nemanja Sekulic. Nemanja has been using Wacom for his work since 2007 and he is a professional in his field, so we hope his expertise and tips will help you.

In this video, Nemanja explains – among other things – why the Wacom Intuos Pro medium is his graphics tablet of choice, how he sets up the Wacom driver and the tablet Express-Keys for use in Photoshop, and he explains his photo manipulation process from start to finish, this includes the original photoshoot from a studio, photo editing, and Photoshop tips.

Practice, experiment and have fun! Because practice is important, but having fun while practicing is even more important. – Nemanja Sekulic

Enjoy the whole video below or jump to a specific part

  • 02:10 Intuos Pro ExpressKey set-up and driver settings for use in Photoshop. He also talks about pen pressure sensitivity
  • 08:00 Start of photo manipulation process and the workflow. He starts by choosing a background from one of his existing photos and photoshoot.
  • 08:38 Extracting character from the background process (sped-up) and adding them to the background. This includes doge & burn, how to add shadows, Photoshop tips & tricks, and adding new elements.
  • 29:50 Adding colours
  • 33:05 Working with and adding Curves adjustment layers
  • 35:35 Merging everything together and camera raw
  • 36:58 Nik Analog Efex Pro 2, choosing effects, and final tweaking
  • 39:54 Final Image
  • 40:04 Summary and why you should not use a mouse for photo editing

About Nemanja

Nemanja Sekulic is a professional photographer, digital artist, and educator. He started his creative journey 18 years ago and still is passionate about it as the first day. Nemanja is working as a photographer and a digital artist with the clients all around the world. And as an educator, he is teaching others Photoshop and photography via his YouTube channel. Also in person at his workshops from time to time.

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