IAAD, Ducati & Wacom: The Ducati Design Experience.

It is an honor for Wacom to be part of this.


IAAD – the Italian University for Design and DUCATI presented the first edition of “DUCATI DESIGN EXPERIENCE“, a formative full immersion course that – from July 15th through the 26th 2019 – took them into the Ducati world with the guidance of able IAAD professors and key DUCATI professionals. An unmissable occasion to improve design skills by exploring the potential of the Ducati brand.



A little about Ducati


Twelve days to explore the potential of the universe of two-wheeled transport through an intense agenda of lectures, talks, and live experiences, a unique opportunity to understand and discover the company’s core values and to be part of the Ducati Design process.


As technology leader, Wacom is always eager to know what are the new needs of high end developers and users.  This has been a very fulfilling experience and we do expect more to come in the future.


A little bit of IAAD


A workshop in which participants could find inspiration, learn more about one of the most iconic brands of our century, create and share their vision with like-minded people. Definitely a rare educational opportunity.

Wacom Mobile Studio Pro, being a top of the line product, makes the workflow for any professional designer lot more efficient. We are more than proud to be part of the evolution of the history of design with the best partners…whom have transformed over time into friends, and family.


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