IHazToys: The magical modern way of creating Toys

So, we all love toys. Whether we did as a child, or… why not? also as an adult.

We ran into the amazing work of Layna and Jon Troy who have been creating amazing concepts with their Wacom Cintiq’s and their great creativity and skills.

Take a look at this video that our dear friends from ArtStation have compiled to get a grasp of the beautiful artwork of the IHazToys duo:

Let’s see what they have to say:

“Established in 2015, I Haz Toys has been born from a desire to produce the highest quality resin kits and figures with a style that combine eastern and western aesthetics.

Our love affair with collectible toys and figures started with our own collection of roughly 80 toys (growing by the week it seems!) but took a different turn from collecting to creating in 2008/2009 when I started sculpting miniatures for the Kingdom Death boardgame. Since that time, both Layna and Myself have produced miniatures and figurines for several boardgames, and rewards for videogame kickstarters.

My partner Layna Salazar and myself Jon Troy ‘Hazardous’ Nickel now collaborate with various designers around the world in order to realise the stylish, original pieces of artwork that are on sale here, and we are the sole sculptors for all of the pieces. Layna is currently working fulltime from home on producing sculptures for ihaztoys and I am juggling my day job @ Weta Workshop as a Collectibles Sculptor, with sculpting for ihaztoys afterhours!

We are also both livestreaming the creation of each and every one of these toys and we both hope you can tune in, watch and become part of the creation of these figures!


We hope to fill this store over the years to come with the highest quality collectible figurines and toys!”

 Go follow them in

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