Exclusive reveal and interview of HYBRID – a Dan Mumford and Luke Preece collaboration

My name is Jack Woodhams, the founder of and I had the pleasure of chatting with Dan Mumford and Luke Preece about their newest project Hybrid. A project that fuses together both of their art styles in one collaborative piece. The piece was shared via the cloud where Dan and Luke would download the PSD and work on their segments.

Both Dan and Luke are primarily screen print artists, a technique that involves producing artwork with very limited colours with the intention to print, either as posters, t-shirts etc. It’s an art style hugely favoured by artists in the pop culture scene due to its vivid colour reproduction, overall quality, but also the handmade artistry that goes into screen printing.

Via Wacom, I’m happy to exclusively reveal their piece, which will be available from Hero Complex Gallery at booth 228 at this year’s New York Comic Con. (And presumably, copies will be available online). The print 7 colour and 24” x18”.

Here’s what Dan and Luke had to say about the projects:

Working on Hybrid with Luke was a fascinating and super enjoyable experience. I create all my artwork as an individual normally, of course, there’s the usual input from clients and art direction to help things along, but when it comes down to the actual drawing, it’s always just me and my Cintiq. Once we got past the logistics of how to create artwork it became a very natural and easy process. Having someone else to bounce ideas off quickly and always have a second pair of eyes on the piece meant there were never really moments where we got stuck or hit a creative wall. It became something that evolved quite easily into a piece that represents me and Luke really nicely.

Dan Mumford´s weapon of choice: Wacom 22HD.
Luke Preece´s weapon of choice: Wacom MobileStudio Pro.

Working collaboratively was a first for both Dan and I. It presented us with new challenges and ideas which were both extremely rewarding and mildly daunting at first. The goal was to bring our styles together in such a way that would feel both natural to us as artists, whilst achieving an interesting and exciting composition. I’ll admit, it was little tough at first but once the ideas started flowing and with perseverance I feel we achieved our goal successfully. Dan was fantastic to work with and was a big help in achieving what we set out to do. What I do it again? Of course I would.

Exclusive Reveal:


Thank you for reading and watching!

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