Mel Milton: Transitioning from Photoshop to Clipstudio Paint + Interview

Mel Milton is one of our favorite artists out there. We really love the way he uses his Mobile Studio Pro  and the characters he creates.
The one above is a speed up video of him attempting to transition to Clipstudio paint from Photoshop. He also talks a little about the hurdles and struggles as an artist.

The next text is an extract from an interview to Mel Milton by our friends of URBAN MUSE, (don’t forget to check them out)
Mel Milton is special. Mel is the kind of artist that typifies the best things you can find in the character of an artist, he has a strong work ethic and is one of the most consistent producers of art on the internet and social media in general. Generally, you see something new from Mel on a daily to semi-daily basis. Most high-level artists that I’ve talked to always say the same thing, they always find some time out of every day to devote to drawing or art, the difference being most don’t post their daily sketches for the world to see. The reason for this is also common, every artist, however, high their skill is usually isn’t 100% happy with their work, there’s a famous story that based on x-rays of the Mona Lisa you can see many different versions, iterations, and minor to major changes to the painting over a 17 year period. So if Da Vinci himself was never satisfied how can mere mortals like us ever hope to be? The answer is, We can’t. We just have to always keep producing, until the day we die, and hope that every piece is a little better than the last. It’s a life long struggle.

Mel Milton is one of the most positive people you will ever meet, If you look at his Facebook profile you see hundreds of photos of him with friends, other artists, and people he admires, and he usually always has the same ECSTATIC grin on his face, that grin is infectious and you can’t help but smile when you see it. Mel’s visual styling has a very refined and seemingly effortless flow to it, and if you look at his work today immediately you can tell it’s at some of the highest level for that style of art. You might even say the name “Disney/Animation” when describing his work, so it should come as no surprise he spent 5 years working for Disney Interactive where he refined his craft. Mel Milton is also a Father and a Husband, one gets the sense that he’s the kind of guy who will take greater pride in pleasure in the way he has raised his Daughter, than anything he has accomplished in his Artistic/Professional career. Husband/Father First, Artist second.

In the interview that follows Mel is often very critical of himself and what he says are his many failures and shortcomings. But from our perspective, if his failures are akin in size to the things he dislikes about his own art, enough to refer to them as excrement, those failures are probably fairly minute in the grand scheme of things. Mel seems like the kind of guy you would want as a friend, the kind of guy who would bend over backward to help a friend in need. It’s been my experience that people like that are often the people that need people to do the same for them at times. So Urban-Muse prides itself on considering Mel Milton a friend and someone we support wholeheartedly. No matter what happens, Mel always keeps his head up and keeps the positivity going. Mel’s departing tagline is always “Keep on Keeping’ On!” So we say, Keep on Mel, Keep on.
*for the full interview, click here

Mel Milton’s Self-Portrait


Some of the amazing work by Mel Milton




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